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US dollar Continues to Struggle After Yesterday’s Remarks From Yellen

US dollar is still down today, following yesterday’s drop on the heels of remarks made by Fed Chair Janet Yellen to Congress.

Dollar Ekes Out Gains Ahead of Yellen

US dollar is still near record lows against some of its major counterparts, but it is eking out some gains ahead of Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s testimony in Congress today.

US Dollar Gains as Rumors Swirl About a Shutdown Deal

Rumors are swirling about a possible deal to end the current partial government shutdown and even raise the debt ceiling in the United States. The shutdown has been in place since the beginning of October, and the borrowing authority of the US Treasury is expected to run out on October 17. However, there are hopes that the situation is on the verge of being resolved, and that is giving the greenback a boost.

US Dollar Loses Ground as Risk Appetite Surges

US dollar is losing ground as risk appetite takes over. After logging gains earlier, the greenback is pulling back as high beta currencies see demand. US stocks have sky rocketed higher, and sentiment is improving, thanks to improve hopes for a budget deal and a debt ceiling deal in the United States.

US Dollar Gains Ground as Uncertainty Continues Over Shutdown

US dollar is higher today, thanks in large part to uncertainty over the government shutdown. So far, there are no signs of an end to the impasse, and the added stress of a debt ceiling debate could be coming next. Risk aversion is making an appearance as a result, and there are concerns about what could be next.

US Dollar Lower Across the Board Following Data Release

US dollar is lower across the board today, following the latest economic data release. The economy continues to show solid improvement, and that should be encouraging a degree of risk appetite. However, other forces, like the possibility of a government shutdown and the possibility of the taper being held off until next year, seem to be weighing on the greenback instead.

US Dollar Gains Ground on Latest Growth Report

US dollar is a little bit higher against its major counterparts today, gaining ground after the latest economic report from the second quarter of 2013. Although there isn’t anything particularly stunning in the report, the economic continues to show a steadiness that leads some to believe that the taper in the Federal Reserve’s asset purchase program is eminent.

Euro Gains Ground As Forex Traders Square Positions

Euro is heading higher today, thanks in large part to position squaring. Many believe that the euro is poised to move higher, thanks to uncertainty wracking the United States and thanks to recent Bundesbank comments.

US Dollar Loses Ground after Bernanke Remarks

Greenback is heading lower today, following some gains in the wake of positive economic data. Even with the positive data, though, the US dollar is losing ground as concern about the latest remarks from Ben Bernanke weigh on its performance.

Aussie Gains Ground after Bernanke Testimony

Australian dollar is gaining ground today following yesterday’s somewhat dovish remarks from Ben Bernanke. Aussie is sensitive to movements in the dollar, as well as expectations for the global economy and gold prices (which are slightly higher).