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Australian Dollar Strongest amid Positive Market Sentiment

The Australian dollar rose against a basket of most-traded currencies, including the New Zealand dollar, which itself was very strong. The likely reason for the Aussie’s strong performance was the positive market sentiment caused by a rally of US and European stocks. Domestic macroeconomic data was also helpful to the currency, while disappointing data from China, Australia’s biggest trading partner, did not have a material impact on the Australian currency.

Aussie Comes to the Top After Positive PMI Releases

The Australian dollar was the strongest currency on the Forex market today, rising against all other most-traded counterparts after declining intraday. The rally was a result of risk appetite caused by positive PMI reports for various countries, including Australia itself.

Australian Dollar Logs Gains, Analysts Skeptical

The Australian dollar logged gains against the majority of other most-traded currencies today. Market analysts explained gains of riskier commodity currencies by the rise of European stocks due to the preliminary trade agreement between the United States and China. Experts were skeptical, though, about the longevity of the gains as the US-China trade conflict is not over yet, and there are other reasons to worry, like the threat of hard Brexit and impeachment of US President Donald […]

Aussie Rallies, Ignoring Negative PMIs, But Unable to Keep Gains

The Australian dollar attempted to rally today, ignoring negative domestic macroeconomic data. But the currency was unable to keep gains, falling against the majority of its most-traded rivals by now.

Australian Dollar Falls as Economic Activity Slows

The Australian dollar declined against its most-traded rivals today after flash data showed that economic activity slowed significantly last month. While both the manufacturing and the services sectors continued to expand, the pace of expansion was slower than in the preceding month.

Australian Dollar Holds Ground Despite Negative Fundamentals

The week started seemingly bad for the Australian dollar as fundamentals looked rather unfavorable to the currency. Some of the domestic macroeconomic indicators released on Monday were bad, and there was troubling news about China-US trade negotiations. But the Aussie did not perform particularly poorly and even managed to gain on some major rivals.

Aussie Weakens After Australia’s PMIs Fall

The Australian dollar fell today amid the cautious market sentiment and domestic macroeconomic data that was not particularly good. Yet the losses were limited and currency managed to trim them against some rivals.

Australian Dollar Falls After PMI Releases

The Australian dollar fell against other most-traded counterparts today after the Purchasing Managers’ Indices showed that both manufacturing and service sectors continued to expand but with a slower pace.

Aussie Struggles to Keep Gains Caused by Good PMIs

The Australian dollar attempted to rally today following the release of good PMI prints. But while the Aussie managed to keep gains against some most-traded rivals, like the Japanese yen and the Great Britain pound, it reversed the rally versus others, like the US dollar and the euro.

Australian Dollar Mixed Despite Stellar Employment Data

The Australian dollar was mixed today despite extremely positive employment data. Other macroeconomic reports released in Australia during the Thursday’s trading session were less stellar.