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Australian Dollar Gains, Getting Boost from China Manufacturing PMI

The Australian dollar rose against its major rivals today. Perhaps, decent economic data from Australia’s biggest trading partner, China, helped the currency as domestic reports were far from good.

Aussie Bounces After Intraday Drop

The Australian dollar dipped intraday, but the losses were short-lived, and the currency has climbed above the opening level by now. Other commodity currencies, like the Canadian and New Zealand dollar, demonstrated the similar performance during the Thursday’s trading session.

Australian Dollar Unable to Maintain Upward Momentum

The Australian dollar failed to maintain its rally despite relatively supportive macroeconomic data, both domestic and overseas.

New Zealand Dollar Drops with Dairy Prices

The New Zealand dollar dropped today as the drop of dairy prices added to speculations that the Reserve Bank of New Zealand is going to cut interest rates soon.

Positive Data Fails to Buoy New Zealand Dollar

The New Zealand dollar dropped today, finding little help from domestic macroeconomic indicators that were pretty good. It is important to note that most reports for June or earlier months did not have time to react to the Brexit, therefore the picture they paint is likely to be outdated.

Aussie Heads Higher on Yuan, But Gains Likely Short-Lived

The Australian dollar is higher today, thanks in part to the recent decision to strengthen the yuan. However, the gains are likely to be short-lived, as the Australian economy relies heavily on China.

CAD Falls to Record Low Since 2003 vs. USD

The Canadian dollar fell to the lowest level in more than a decade against the US dollar during the Wednesday’s trading session. The currency was also lower against other major peers, hurt by both domestic and overseas news.

China Continues to Help Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar gained today on hopes that China, the biggest Australian trading partner, will stimulate its economy. The Aussie rallied against the US dollar and demonstrated small gains against other major currencies.

US Dollar Index Extends Rally and Erases October Losses

US dollar index is extending its recent rally, and between yesterday and today has erased its earlier losses in October. Thanks to expectations for a Federal Reserve rate hike sometime in late 2015 or early 2016, plus policy divergence expectations, the greenback is surging against its major counterparts.

Canadian Dollar Suffers Together with Commodities

The Canadian dollar slumped today as China’s not-so-good macroeconomic data dragged prices for raw materials down, hurting commodity-linked currencies along with them.