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Euro Rallies to 2-Week Highs on Positive Sentiment, Later Drops

The euro today extended last week’s gains against the US dollar driven largely by positive investor sentiment given the lack of major releases from the European docket. The EUR/USD currency pair rallied to 2-week highs in the mid-European session before dropping lower as investors became wary of current geopolitical conditions.

No Need for Safety, Franc Becomes Less Attractive

The Swiss franc dropped today against other most-traded currencies as signs of the global economic recovery and the positive changes with the debt situation in the Eurozone reduced demand for safer assets.

Pound Strives Higher as UK Retail Sales Expand

The Great Britain pound advanced after the report showed that the retail sales in Britain unexpectedly rose last month, refueling talks about possible increase of the interest rates by the central bank.

Swiss Franc Drops on Lower Demand for Safety

The Swiss franc slumped today against the euro as the equities gained, decreasing the demand for the safe haven, provided by the Swiss currency. The franc fluctuated versus the dollar as the US currency also was affected by the weaker demand for the safety.