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US Dollar Rises as Trump Avoids Harshest Measures on China

The US dollar today rallied higher against its main trading partners as news emerged that President Donald Trump‘s administration would not be pursuing the harshest measures against China. Several positive releases from the US docket such as the advance goods trade balance also served to strengthen the greenback in the early American session.

US Dollar Rises on Strong Housing Starts and Jobless Claims Data

The US dollar climbed higher against its major peers on Thursday as data in the United States reflected a strong picture of the economic growth. The US currency had its biggest gains today against the euro after the European Central Bank maintained its monetary stimulus.

US Dollar Recovers Briefly Boosted by Retail Sales Data for December

The release of positive retail sales data for the month of December boosted the performance of the US dollar against major currencies before the gains were erased. The US dollar rose briefly after the US Commerce Department released data regarding consumption during the month of December.

US Dollar Edges Lower Against Major Peers Following Rapid Gains

The US dollar on Thursday gave up some of the gains it achieved after the Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates, as the currency struggled to keep moving higher ahead of the Christmas holiday. The greenback moved lower against most of its major peers today.

US Dollar Index Drops as Correction Comes

US dollar index is a little bit lower today, dropping after the greenback logged some serious gains earlier. There’s a correction under way as recent retail sales data remains strong in the minds of Forex traders.

Disappointing News Sends US Dollar Lower

Greenback is lower today, thanks to the latest economic news. Disappointments in the jobless claims report and in the latest retails sales data are weighing on the US dollar. There are also worries that the world’s most popular currency might be losing some of its appeal.

US Dollar Gains Ground on Latest Growth Report

US dollar is a little bit higher against its major counterparts today, gaining ground after the latest economic report from the second quarter of 2013. Although there isn’t anything particularly stunning in the report, the economic continues to show a steadiness that leads some to believe that the taper in the Federal Reserve’s asset purchase program is eminent.

US Dollar Gains on Durable Goods Orders

Greenback is heading higher today, thanks in large part to the latest durable goods orders. The improvements in the US economy indicate that the Federal Reserve’s decision to begin tapering bond purchases in the relatively near future was the right call.

US Dollar Ready to End the Week on a High Note

US dollar is set to end the week on a high note, thanks to better data out of the United States, combined with safe haven demand. Volume is relatively low, though, thanks to the fact that many markets are closed for Good Friday ahead of the Easter holiday on Sunday.

US Dollar Softens as Factory Orders Rise

US dollar is softening today, thanks to better than expected economic news. Factory orders rose more than expected, and that is providing a bit of a boost for markets after yesterday’s disappointing manufacturing index data.