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Australian Dollar Struggles to Keep Rally After China’s Data

The Australian dollar rallied after China released a bunch of macroeconomic reports, though the currency struggled to keep gains and actually slipped below the opening level against the Japanese yen.

Australian Dollar Jumps After China’s Data Surprises

The Australian dollar jumped today as China released unexpectedly strong prices data, helping the currency of its trading partner.

Could the Carry Trade Help the Aussie?

The Australian dollar has been struggling recently, but there is some speculation that the Down Under currency could get some help moving forward. The carry trade might provide a basis for some success for the Aussie. The move isn’t likely to result in big gains for the currency, though, and Aussie is currently mostly lower.

Economic Data Detrimental to Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar dropped today against its most-traded peers as economic data both domestic and from abroad was detrimental to the currency.

Australian Dollar Higher Even Without Support from Economic Data

The Australian dollar rallied against its major peers during the first trading session of September even though macroeconomic data (both domestic and overseas) was not particularly supportive for the currency.

Australian Dollar Halts Rally as Data from China Not Encouraging

The Australian dollar halted its rally versus its major rivals with the exception of the US dollar, against which the Aussie continued to rise. Today, moves of the Australian currency were driven mainly by news from China.

Chinese Yuan Lower vs. US Dollar

The Chinese yuan fell against the US dollar today after mixed economic data from China released over the trading session.

Aussie Moderates After Earlier Spike

Australian dollar is modifying its trajectory right now, pulling back a little bit after a spike earlier today. Aussie is still mostly higher against its major counterparts, but the gains are a little more subdued.

Australian Dollar Rises as Chinese Data Fails to Lead Markets

China released a few macroeconomic indicators over the weekend, and all of them were bad. Yet this had little impact on the Forex market and did not prevent the Australian dollar from rallying.

Australian Dollar Weaker amid Interest Rate Cut Speculations

The Australian dollar was soft today amid speculations that the Reserve Bank of Australia is going to perform additional interest rate cuts in the near future.