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Australian Dollar Mixed After Positive China’s GDP

The Australian dollar was mixed on Wednesday. The currency was flat against such rivals as the US dollar and the Japanese yen after swinging back and forth between gains and losses, fell versus the euro, but gained on the Swiss franc.

Interest Rate Cut Pushes Taiwan Dollar Lower

Today, Taiwan’s central bank cut interest rates for the first time in six years. This pushed the Taiwan dollar lower versus the US dollar, though the fall was not very big.

Taiwan Dollar Fluctuates, Will Central Bank Allow Currency Appreciate?

The Taiwan dollar fluctuated today as the impact of the general negative sentiment on the Forex market battled with the influence of speculation that the nation’s central bank will allow the currency appreciate.

Higher Interest Rates in China Can’t Support US Dollar

The US dollar weakened today as investors’ demand for the riskier assets persists even after China has increased its interest rates. It looks like attempts of China’s government to cool the nation’s economy aren’t enough to diminish optimism for the global growth.

Yuan Rises Beyond 6.6 per Dollar as China Battles Inflation

The Chinese yuan gained today against the US dollar, rising for the first time since 1993 beyond 6.6 yuans per dollar level, on the speculation that the government may allow the currency to appreciate faster in an attempt to rein the inflation. The currency weakened against the euro.

Yuan Slips as China Raises Interest Rates and May Do So Again

The Chinese yuan slipped today as the central bank raised its interest rates in an attempt to curb China’s significant inflation and to prevent the asset-bubble. China’s economic growth makes traders expect another rates hike in the future.

Higher Interest Rates in China Weaken Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar declined against the euro after China’s central bank increased its interest rates, causing speculation that China may intensify its attempts to curb the inflation. The Australian currency posted small gains versus the US dollar and the Japanese yen.

Chinese Yuan Rises on Outlook for Further Interest Rates Hike

The Chinese yuan strengthened on the speculation that the central bank may increase the interest rates in order to slow the rapidly growing inflation, which may create an asset bubble.

Yen Rebounds After Previous Decline as China May Cool Economy

The Japanese yen rose today, before returning to the opening level, on the speculation that the accelerating inflation in China would prompt the government to take steps to cool the economy.

Yuan Appreciates Ahead of G-20 Meeting

The Chinese yuan gained today on the speculation that the Chinese government would allow the currency to appreciate ahead of the Group of Twenty meeting.