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Canadian Dollar Falls on Weak Employment Data Amid Strong NFP

The Canadian dollar today fell significantly against its US counterpart following the release of the latest Canadian employment data, which missed expectations. The USD/CAD currency pair was also boosted by the resurgent greenback, which was fueled by the upbeat US nonfarm payrolls report released at the same time.

Canadian Dollar Drops As GDP Shows No Growth

The Canadian dollar dropped today after nation’s gross domestic product showed no growth in June, disappointing market participants. Hopes for a NAFTA deal remained a positive factor for the currency, which may support it in the near future.

Canadian Dollar Rallies amid NAFTA Hopes

The Canadian dollar rallied against its major peers today (though failed to gain on the strong euro) after the United States and Mexico reached a preliminary trade agreement, giving hope that the similar deal can be reached with Canada.

Canadian Dollar Among Weakest Currencies Despite Solid Data

The Canadian dollar was among the weakest currencies today despite solid macroeconomic data and gains of crude oil, Canada’s major export commodity. The possible reason for that were resurfacing concerns about the Turkish situation.

Canadian Dollar Mixed Despite Amazing Employment Report

Canada’s employment data released today was much better than forecasts, but the performance of the Canadian dollar was largely driven by the market sentiment. As a result, the loonie gained against the extremely weak euro, but fell versus safe currencies, such as the US dollar and the Japanese yen.

Canadian Dollar Mixed Ahead of GDP

The Canadian dollar was mixed on Thursday, rising against the euro but falling versus the US dollar and staying almost flat against the Japanese yen. Domestic macroeconomic data was also mixed, making no incentive for the currency to go one way or the other.

CAD Ends Week Strongest with Aid of Good Data & NAFTA Optimism

The Canadian dollar ended the past week as the strongest currency on the Forex market thanks to economic data and optimism about NAFTA talks.

Canadian Dollar Reverses Losses After GDP Beats Expectations

The Canadian dollar rallied today, reversing its earlier losses. The currency got a boost from Canada’s solid economic growth.

Canadian Dollar Soft on Friday, Heads to Weekly Gains

The Canadian dollar traded flat-to-lower against its major rivals today following the decline of crude oil prices. For the week, though, the currency was heading to strong gains.

Rising Crude Oil Prices Benefit Canadian Dollar

The Canadian dollar rallied today. The rally was likely a result of the rising prices for crude oil — Canada’s major export commodity, which often has a big impact on the performance of the loonie.