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Japan’s Macroeconomic Data Mixed, Yen Gains

The Japanese yen rallied against the vast majority of other most-traded currencies today. Together with the strong bounce of the US dollar, that suggests that the market sentiment shifted into a risk-off mode. But the rebound of the riskier commodity-related Australian dollar puts such thinking into question.

Japanese Yen Weak as Trading Starts with Optimism

The Japanese yen was very weak today, demonstrating significant losses against all other most-traded currencies. Analysts explained the weakness by the market sentiment that was favorable to riskier currencies. Japan’s better-than-expected macroeconomic reports added to the traders’ optimism.

Japanese Yen Weak amid Uneventful Trading Session

The Japanese yen was weak today, trading either flat or lower versus its most-traded counterparts. The trading session was rather uneventful, with no major news to drive the market. There were several macroeconomic reports released in Japan, but nothing particularly important.

Yen Weak as Markets Remain in Risk-On Mode Ahead of NFP

The Japanese yen was soft today, falling against most of the major rivals, as markets remained in the risk-on mode despite the political turmoil in the United States. Market analysts speculated that the victory of Democrats in the US elections spurred hopes for fresh stimulus measures from the president-elect Joe Biden.

Japanese Yen Weakest as Traders Don’t Feel Need for Safety

The Japanese yen was the weakest major currency on the Forex market today as traders did not feel a need for safety, dumping the currency. Surprisingly, the Swiss franc avoided a similar fate despite also being considered a safe-haven currency.

Japan Announces Economic Stimulus on Tuesday, Yen Weak

The Japanese yen was one of the weakest currencies today due to markets being in a risk-on mode, meaning that there was limited demand for safer currencies. The yen fell against almost all of its rivals, though managed to stay flat against the US dollar. Additionally, EUR/JPY has retreated to trade close to the opening level at the time of writing after rallying earlier.

Yen Soft After Economic Data, BoJ Deputy Governor’s Comments

The Japanese yen was very weak today. In fact, it logged losses against all other most-traded currencies. Domestic macroeconomic data was decent, therefore it could not be the reason for the weakness. Dovish comments of the central bank’s deputy governor, on the other hand, could.

Japanese Yen Gains During Monday’s Quiet Trading

The Japanese yen gained, rising against all other most-traded currencies, during Monday’s quiet trading. Today’s calendar is light in terms of macroeconomic releases, and trading is expected to be quieter than usual due to holidays in the United States and Canada. As for today’s economic reports in Japan itself, they were mixed.

Japanese Yen Rallies Against US Dollar on Upbeat GDP Data

The Japanese yen today traded sideways against the US dollar during the Asian session despite the release of upbeat Japanese GDP data. The USD/JPY currency pair later fell as the yen rallied against the much weaker greenback during the American session.

Japanese Economic Data Mixed, Yen Recovers from Weakness

The Japanese yen was one of the weakest currencies on the Forex market today, second only to the US dollar. But currently, it has managed to recover, trading either flat of higher against most other currencies, remaining weak only against commodity ones. The relatively robust market sentiment made traders not interested in safety provided by the Japanese currency, preferring to seek riskier assets that can provide a higher yield. Domestic […]