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Euro Rallies Post Christmas on Italian Budget News and US Politics

The euro today rallied higher against the US dollar from the Asian session despite the lack of any major European releases. The euro’s rally was largely driven by market concerns about the ongoing partial US government shutdown, which resulted in a weak US dollar.

Euro Rallies Higher Boosted by Positive Italy and Brexit Expectations

The euro today rallied higher against the US dollar during the European session as market sentiment stabilized on positive developments in the Italian budget standoff. Positive PMI releases by IHS Markit from across the eurozone also contributed to the EUR/USD currency pair’s rally as did the latest Brexit developments.

Euro Rallies Against US Dollar Amid Falling US Bond Yields, Later Declines

The euro today rallied higher against the weaker US dollar boosted by bearish investor sentiment towards the world’s reserve currency. The EUR/USD currency pair rallied higher as markets reacted to falling US Treasury yields amid doubts about the trade ceasefire between the US and China.

Euro Falls on Chinese Trade War News, Italy Standoff, and Trump Tariffs

The euro today was buffeted by a deluge of negative news headlines that soured investor sentiment towards the single currency and other riskier currencies. The news headlines included China’s denial of any progress in the trade war talks as well as the Italian budget standoff, which contributed to the EUR/USD currency pair’s massive decline.

Euro Rallies on Italian Budget Hopes, Declines on Weak German Data

The euro today rallied higher against the US dollar from the Asian session into the early European session on hopes that the Italian government would amend its budget plans. The EUR/USD currency pair later headed lower after the German IFO business survey data missed expectations and Mario Draghi‘s speech had no new insights.

Euro Rallies on Dovish Fed Rumors, Declines Despite Weak US Data

The euro today rallied higher against the US dollar in the mid-European session following rumors that the US Federal Reserve would pause its rate hikes in Spring 2019. The euro had rallied higher in the early European session after Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini teased that his government was willing to make revisions to its 2019 budget.

Euro Falls on Weak German GDP Growth as Italian Crisis Persists

The euro today fell significantly against the US dollar following the release of weak German GDP growth data in the early European session. The single currency’s decline was further accelerated by the risk-off market sentiment as investors waited for the resolution of the ongoing Italian budget crisis.

Canadian Dollar Rallies as Economy Expands, Retreats

The Canadian dollar rose yesterday as economy expanded, following a period of contraction. Yet the currency retreated today amid fears concerning a potential US government shutdown.

Dollar Ahead of US Government Shutdown

Two major events for the US dollar will happen this week: the deadline for the US budget and non-farm payrolls. What outlook do analysts have for the greenback ahead of these events?

Mixed Week for US Dollar amid Debt Ceiling Talks

This week was mixed for the dollar as US politicians were debating about the issue of the budget and the debt ceiling, increasing demand for safer currencies, including the greenback, but hurting the appeal of the US currency at the same time.