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Pound Loses Gains Caused by Surprisingly Good Construction PMI

The Great Britain pound was lifted intraday by a surprisingly good report about the construction sector. By now, though, the currency has trimmed its gains, losing them outright against some rivals, like the US dollar and the Japanese yen.

Sterling Shows Resilience in Face of Poor Data from Britain

The Great Britain pound rallied today against some of its major rivals, though not against the euro, even as macroeconomic data released in the United Kingdom over the trading session was rather poor.

Sterling Eases Losses amid Clashing Fundamentals

The Great Britain pound was soft today, though the currency has trimmed its losses against some of its rivals by now and even erased them almost completely against others, including the euro and the Japanese yen. Confusing fundamentals did not make it easy for the sterling to establish a trend as relatively positive macroeconomic data clashed with Brexit fears.

Great Britain Pound Little-Changed During Quiet Tuesday’s Trading

The Great Britain pound was steady on Tuesday, the same as some other currencies (like the Australian dollar). Britain’s economic reports were mixed, giving the currency no reason to go one way or the other.

Brexit Fears & Poor Macroeconomic Data Drive Pound Down

The Great Britain pound fell today, trading near the lowest level since January 17 versus the US dollar, driven down by Brexit fears and poor macroeconomic reports.

Britain’s Pound Retreats, Finding No Support from Fundamentals

The Great Britain pound declined against most of its major rivals as economic data released over the trading session was not positive for the currency, while concerns about the Brexit erode investors’ interest in British assets.

Theresa May Claims Markets Misinterpreted Her Words, Pound Stays Weak

The Great Britain pound remained weak during the current trading session following yesterday’s comments from Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May even though she claimed that media misinterpreted her words.

Pound Shows Small Gains After Release of UK Economic Data

The Great Britain pound rose a little today thanks to relatively good economic indicators released from the United Kingdom over the trading session. The gains were limited, though, as traders were reluctant to place bets ahead of the US elections.

Pound Drops for Fifth Day Against Dollar

The Great Britain pound fell for the fifth straight trading session against the US dollar and also dropped against other major rivals even though some of the macroeconomic reports released today were good.

NZ Dollar Declines as Economic Data Fuels Monetary Easing Outlook

The New Zealand dollar dropped today as economic data released from New Zealand over the trading session was not particularly good, leading to speculations that the nation’s central bank may be forced to cut interest rates.