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Greenback Strengthens on Fed Expectations

The US dollar is strengthening today, thanks in large part to expectations that the Federal Reserve will continue to taper its asset purchase program. With the US economy mostly on the upswing, and unemployment at a more reasonable level, many think that the Fed will continue to cut its quantitative easing efforts.

Week of Tapering Was Not as Good for Dollar as One Might Expect

The major event on the Forex market this week was undoubtedly quantitative easing tapering by the Federal Reserve. The dollar rallied after the Fed announcement, but quite a few major currencies were surprisingly strong against the greenback even after the tapering.

Dollar Post-Tapering: Strongest in Five Years vs. Yen

The US dollar jumped today, reaching the highest level in five years against the Japanese yen, after the Federal Reserve announced tapering of its asset-purchase program. The currency maintained losses versus the Great Britain pound.

Greenback Gets Boost After Inflation Data

US dollar is slightly higher today, following the latest inflation data. Also helping the greenback is a bit of risk aversion that seems to have returned ahead of what some expect will be a “Santa Claus rally” next week.

US Dollar Index Remains Soft as Traders Await Data

US dollar index remains soft right now as traders await retail sales data, expected to be released later this week. Traders are waiting to see if the US economic recovery is truly strong enough to support the idea of a taper from the Federal Reserve. For now, it’s mostly rangebound trading and a wait and see approach.

US Dollar Index Drops on Projected Weakness

US dollar is struggling today, with the dollar index falling on projected weakness. Remarks from the Federal Reserve, as well as the latest moves by China, are weighing on the greenback today.

Dollar Pulls Back Against Majors

The US dollar is pulling back against its major currency counterparts today, thanks in a large part to Federal Reserve expectations. Greenback is down pretty much across the board, and the dollar index has retreated from its earlier level above 81.00.

US Dollar Gains Ground as Uncertainty Continues Over Shutdown

US dollar is higher today, thanks in large part to uncertainty over the government shutdown. So far, there are no signs of an end to the impasse, and the added stress of a debt ceiling debate could be coming next. Risk aversion is making an appearance as a result, and there are concerns about what could be next.

Budget Impasse Continues to Weigh on Greenback

The current budge impasse continues to weigh on the greenback today, sending the currency lower against the euro and the pound. US dollar has managed to log gains against the Japanese yen, but the dollar index is lower today anyway.

Euro Heads Higher on Summers Fed Withdrawal

Risk appetite is making an appearance, thanks in large part to the news that Lawrence Summers has withdrawn his name for consideration as the head of the Federal Reserve when Ben Bernanke’s term is up. The news has provided a boost for the euro, even though there are questions about the sustainability of the eurozone’s fledgling recovery.