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US Dollar Stabilizes Against Major Peers as Trump Woes Diminish

The US dollar was little changed on Thursday after maintaining most of the losses it had over the past two days amid higher uncertainty about the prospects of Donald Trump’s economic agenda. A series of political developments this week left the US president in a difficult position, which weighed on the greenback, but the currency limited its decline as positive economic data eased traders’ concerns.

Euro Higher Now, But Likely to Fall Next Week

Euro is a little bit higher today, logging gains against its major counterparts. However, many think that this is the result of profit-taking, and a bit of readjustment. Expectations are that the 18-nation currency will show weakness again next week, especially since there is plenty of reason for its weakness.

Euro Drops as Political Stand-Off in Ukraine Persists

The euro was falling yesterday and maintained its losses today as the mounting tensions between Russia and Ukraine and threat of involvement of Western countries in the conflict made Forex trades stick to safer currencies. The euro declined against the US dollar, but was able to outperform the Great Britain pound. The shared European currency managed to erase losses versus the Japanese yen.

Ringgit Rises with Risk Appetite

The Malaysian ringgit rose today together with other currencies as the end to the US budget stalemate spurred risk appetite among Forex traders and boosted higher-yielding currencies.

Canadian Dollar Surges as USA Avoids Default

The Canadian dollar surged after US politicians reached a deal about raising the debt limit and ending the government shutdown. It was a huge relief after the prolonged period of uncertainty and riskier currencies profited from it.

Australian Dollar Trades in Tight Range, Awaiting for US Politicians

The Australian dollar was moving largely sideways today as Forex traders hold breath, waiting for US politicians to demonstrate whether they are willing to find a compromise and avoid a default. Expectations of a positive trade report from China supported the currency.

Euro Soft vs. Dollar, Strong vs. Yen

Various news from the United States made the euro weaker than the dollar, resulting in the third consecutive session of losses for the shared European currency today. At the same time, positive data from Germany allowed the euro to gain on the Japanese yen.

US Dollar Gains Ground as Uncertainty Continues Over Shutdown

US dollar is higher today, thanks in large part to uncertainty over the government shutdown. So far, there are no signs of an end to the impasse, and the added stress of a debt ceiling debate could be coming next. Risk aversion is making an appearance as a result, and there are concerns about what could be next.

Yen Rallies as US Budget Standoff Persists

The Japanese yen rallied as fear of a potential default in the United States made Forex traders to flock to safer currencies. There were hopes that US politicians will reach a compromise soon, but now it looks like nobody is willing to give up first and the standoff continues.

Dollar Subdued, Has Potential for Relief

The US dollar remains subdued by the budget impasse, but may find a relief soon on signs that politicians become more willing to find a consensus as a government shutdown drags on. The currency slid versus the euro, gained on the Great Britain pound and moved sideways against the Japanese yen.