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Cautious Optimism Not Enough to Sustain Loonie

The Canadian dollar got a little bump on Monday, following the release of the Bank of Canada’s business outlook survey. However, the small gains were short-lived as economic realities and monetary policy divergence send the loonie lower against most majors today.

Loonie Slides to Three-Year Low

The Canadian dollar hit a three-year low against the US dollar today, thanks in large part to signs of economic recovery in the United States and the continued divergence of monetary policies between the United States and Canada.

Loonie Lower as Canada Enters the Depreciation Fray

Over the past few years, a number of currencies have done what they can to weaken a bit in order to stimulate economies and gain an edge in global trading. Now it appears that Canada is ready to play that game, and the loonie is lower as a result.

Loonie Gets Boost on Final Day of 2013

Loonie is finally getting a boost today, ending a rather lackluster year on a high note. Canadian dollar has seen its strength leak away over the course of 2013, and many believe that parity with the US dollar is gone for quite some time.

Interest Rate Outlook Makes Loonie Close Weaker

The Canadian dollar ended Friday with losses as Canada’s central bank was not showing willingness to raise interest rates, while the US Federal Reserve has already cut its stimulus program.

Canadian Dollar Falls After Three Days of Gains

The Canadian dollar fell for the first day in four against its US counterpart and was flat versus the euro and the Japanese yen on the outlook for monetary policies of Canada’s and the US central banks.

Loonie Loses Ground as Traders Await Taper News

The Canadian dollar is most at risk for weakness in a situation that involves the Federal Reserve in the United States tapering its asset purchase program. As a result, the loonie is experiencing a degree of weakness as Forex traders await the outcome of a two-day Fed meeting slated to end today.

Canadian Dollar Falls as Traders Weigh Chances for Fed Tapering

The Canadian dollar fell today as Forex traders were weighing chances for the US Federal Reserve to taper its monetary stimulus at this week’s policy meeting. The losses were not particularly big as the market was somewhat quiet ahead of the gathering.

Loonie Pulls Back After Recent Gains

Canadian dollar is heading lower today following a few days of gains against most of its major counterparts. The loonie saw some solid gains on recent oil prices data, but now it appears that some Forex traders are taking profits and trying to position themselves for what might be next.

Bank of Canada Keeps Rates Steady; Loonie Falls

The Canadian dollar is falling against its major counterparts today as the Bank of Canada keeps rates steady. Citing concerns about the Canadian economy, the BOC is keeping rates low, which has the effect of weakening the loonie.