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Canadian Dollar Stumbles to Six-Week Low on Trump-NAFTA Remarks

The Canadian dollar stumbled to its lowest level in six weeks on Tuesday after President Donald Trump suggested that it is not necessary to keep Canada in a new trade deal, a remark that comes a week after reaching an agreement with Mexico. The loonie will now try to find momentum in upcoming economic data.

Canadian Dollar Slips on Trade Concerns, Trans Mountain Reversal

The Canadian dollar is sliding before the Labor Day long weekend as global trade concerns and disappointing gross domestic product (GDP) figures are weighing on the loonie. It will be difficult for the Canadian dollar to find direction until a trilateral trade deal with the US and Mexico is either completed or rejected.

Canadian Dollar Touches Three-Month High on US Trade Deal Hopes

The Canadian dollar is nearing its best level in three months as investors are hopeful that a new trade deal can be reached with the US and Mexico. After President Donald Trump and his administration announced a new trade pact with Mexico, the White House confirmed it will now concentrate its efforts on Canada, hopefully coming to a trilateral arrangement before the midterm elections in November.

Canadian Dollar Rallies amid NAFTA Hopes

The Canadian dollar rallied against its major peers today (though failed to gain on the strong euro) after the United States and Mexico reached a preliminary trade agreement, giving hope that the similar deal can be reached with Canada.

Canadian Dollar Hits Two-Week High on NAFTA Talks, Offsets Bad Data

The Canadian dollar is trading at its best level in two weeks against its US counterpart on Thursday. The loonie is rallying on reports that progress is being made in North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) negotiations. This news, which is bullish for the Canadian economy, allowed the loonie to dismiss lower energy prices and recent negative economic data. Mexican officials confirmed that an agreement with the US could […]

Canadian Dollar Flat After Better-Than-Expected Inflation, Traders Eye Retail Sales

The Canadian dollar is looking for direction on Monday after the government reported better-than-expected inflation numbers. Investors will now look ahead to retail sales data later this week, as well as keep a close eye on the US central bank head’s annual speech at Jackson Hole.

Canadian Dollar Strengthens on Booming Real Estate, Higher Energy Prices

The Canadian dollar strengthened on Tuesday thanks to positive real estate market numbers and higher energy prices. The loonie also bounced back against its US counterpart on the threat of an economic collapse in Turkey that could seep into other emerging markets.

Canadian Dollar Flat on Strong Economic Data, Strengthening Greenback

The Canadian dollar is trading sideways on Thursday as the currency attempts to find direction from a mixed bag of news. While positive economic data and higher oil prices, the US dollar strengthening and Washington nearing a trade deal with Mexico appear to have offset those gains.

Canadian Dollar Finds Support in Higher Energy Prices, Buyer Interest

The Canadian dollar is advancing against its American counterpart on Tuesday, finding support in rallying energy prices, strong recent economic data, and renewed interest in the loonie. Can the Canadian dollar continue its momentum throughout the trading week or will it lean on the US dollar for direction in the final days of July?

Canadian Dollar Rallies Higher on Upbeat Retail Sales and CPI Data

The Canadian dollar today rallied higher against its US counterpart following the release of upbeat retail sales and inflation data in the early American session. This drove the USD/CAD currency pair to new lows as investors sold the US dollar and bought the loonie based on the strong economic releases.