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Malaysian Policy Makers Fail to Prevent Ringgit Sell-Off

The Malaysian ringgit slipped against the US dollar today as efforts of Malaysian policy makers to limit currency speculation failed to prevent a downfall of the ringgit.

Ringgit Higher After Malaysian Central Bank Decreases SRR

The Malaysian ringgit gained against the US dollar today after the nation’s central bank kept interest rates steady and decreased its reserve requirements ratio.

Ringgit Heads to Biggest Weekly Decline Since 2013

The Malaysian ringgit dipped today as falling crude oil prices threatened the nation’s economy. Strength of the US dollar also had a negative impact on the currency’s performance. The ringgit headed to the biggest weekly decline since September 2013.

Malaysian Central Bank Keeps Rates on Hold, Ringgit Drops

The Malaysian ringgit fell today, heading to the biggest weekly drop since August, after the nation’s central bank refrained from changing its monetary policy and kept the benchmark Overnight Policy Rate unchanged.

Ringgit Retreats vs. Dollar, Retains Optimistic Prospects

The Malaysian ringgit retreated a bit against the US dollar today after the initial rally, but analysts still have a positive outlook for the currency due to Malaysia’s accelerating economic growth and expectations of an interest rate hike.

Ringgit Struggles Even After Central Bank Raises OPR

The Malaysian ringgit climbed against the euro today after the central bank lifted its benchmark Overnight Policy Rate for the first time in more than three years, signaling about optimistic outlook for the nation’s economy. The currency struggles to maintain the rally and remained below the opening level against the US dollar.

Ringgit Ticks Up as Traders Wait for NFP

The Malaysian ringgit rose against the US dollar today, following other Asian currencies in gains. There were speculations that the Federal Reserve will slow the pace of asset-purchases reduction, and such talks helped currencies of emerging markets to gain against the greenback.

Concern for Global Economy Undermine Malaysian Ringgit

The concerns about the global economic recovery, caused by the surging oil prices and the conflicts in North Africa and Middle East, weakened the Asian currencies, including the Malaysian ringgit.

Malaysian Economic Stimulus Pushes Ringgit Up

The Malaysian ringgit is topping the gains’ list among Asian currencies, followed by the Singaporean dollar, thanks to the government stimulus and interest rate cuts.