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Indonesian Rupiah Depreciates, Central Bank Does Not Intervene

The Indonesian rupiah declined today, demonstrating the biggest drop in almost six years, on speculations that the central bank does not do enough to prevent currency’s depreciation.

Indonesian Central Bank Raises Interest Rates, Rupiah Up

The Indonesian rupiah advanced today as the nation’s central bank made a surprise move, raising the main interest rate. The Indonesian central bank joined central banks of other emerging economies in an effort to support domestic currency.

Indonesian Rupiah Falls as Traders Think Policy Makers Do Not Do Enough

The Indonesian rupiah followed the Brazilian real in decline. The reason for the drop was the same: Forex traders were unconvinced by efforts that the central bank was making to revive the nation’s economy.

USD/IDR Rises Above 10,000 as China’s Growth Disappoints

The Indonesian rupiah fell today, dropping below the 10,000 per dollar level for the first time since 2009, as slower-than-expected China’s economic growth damped prospects for Indonesia’s exports.

Indonesian Rupiah Falls on Concerns About Excessive Inflation

The Indonesian rupiah fell today after data showed that inflation accelerated more than was expected by analysts, threatening the nation’s economy.

Indonesia Rupiah Advances as Intervention Anticipated

The Indonesia rupiah advanced today on speculation that the nation’s central bank will intervene, buying the currency, to reduce currency volatility and slow growth of consumer prices.

Indonesian Rupiah Falls as Central Bank Cuts Interest Rates

The Indonesian rupiah slipped today after the Bank Indonesia decreased its main interest rate, while concerns about the European debt added to the downside pressure.

Indonesia Intervenes to Support Rupiah, India & South Korea Follow

The Indonesian central bank intervened, selling dollars, to support the Indonesian rupiah that was weakened by the pessimistic outlook for the currencies of the emerging markets.

Worries About Europe Ease, Indonesian Rupiah Gains

The Indonesian rupiah strengthened today as concerns about the European debt crisis eased, increasing appeal of riskier currencies.

Indonesian Rupiah Gains on Positive Growth Outlook

The Indonesian rupiah advanced for the third day today on positive outlook for the biggest economy of Southeast Asia, caused by the inflow of foreign funds.