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USD/IDR Rises After Surprise Interest Rate Cut from Bank Indonesia

The Indonesian rupiah fell against the US dollar today after Indonesia’s central bank performed a surprise interest rate cut. Despite the decision, the bank had an optimistic outlook for the nation’s economy.

USD/IDR Flat After Bank Indonesia Keeps Interest Rates Stable

The Indonesian rupiah was little changed against the US dollar today after the nation’s central bank kept interest rates unchanged but maintained an easing bias.

Indonesian Rupiah Flat After Third Consecutive Interest Rate Cut

The Indonesian rupiah traded about flat today despite yet another interest rate cut from the nation’s central bank.

USD/IDR Flat After Negative Consumer Confidence Report

The Indonesian rupiah was flat versus the US dollar after the negative consumer confidence report.

USD/IDR Flat After Bank Indonesia Cuts Interest Rates

The Indonesian rupiah was about flat versus the US dollar today after Indonesia’s central bank lowered interest rates.

Indonesian Rupiah Stable After Central Bank Raises Interest Rates

The Indonesian rupiah rose a bit against the US dollar today after Indonesia’s central bank raised interest rates to stop the drop of the currency.

Bank Indonesia May Intervene to Support Falling Rupiah

The Indonesian rupiah fell today, prompting speculations that the nation’s central bank will intervene to defend the currency.

Bank Indonesia Encourages Rupiah to Depreciate

The Indonesian rupiah fell today as the nation’s central bank signaled that it encourages weakness of the currency as it should help local exporters and improve the trade balance.

Indonesian Rupiah Jumps as Current-Account Shortfall Narrows

Narrowing Indonesia’s current-account deficit and stable monetary policy of the central bank allowed the rupiah to gain today, demonstrating the biggest jump in a month and exceeding the 12,000 per dollar level for the first time this year.

Bank Indonesia Raises Interest Rates, Rupiah Does Not React

The Indonesian central bank surprised Forex traders as it raised its interest rates yet again. But the rupiah did not react to the news and was flat versus the US dollar and fell against the euro.