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Thai Baht Falls as Finance Minister Concerned About Strong Currency

Thai baht fell today as nation’s Finance Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong expressed concerns that the strong currency hurts Thailand’s economy and voiced his opinion that the central bank should ease the monetary policy.

Thai Central Bank Cut Interest Rates, Baht Weaker

The Thai baht fell today after the nation’s central bank reduced its key interest rate in an attempt to spur economic growth that has slowed last year because of the biggest floods in almost 70 years.

Thai Baht Advances on Overseas Inflows

The Thai baht rose today, together with other Asian currencies, on the speculation that the growing economy and increasing interest rates will draw inflows of foreign funds in the nation’s economy.

Thai Baht Weak Ahead of Elections

The Thai baht fell today on the concerns about the coming elections and on the negative influence of the economic situation in the European Union.

Thai Baht Gains as Economy Grows

The Thai baht gained today on the speculation that the policy makers won’t prevent the appreciation of the currency as the economic growth increases the inflation pressure.

Thai Baht Demonstrates Best Performance Since February 2008

The Thai baht strengthened today, showing this month the best performance since February 2008, after the central bank raised the borrowing costs and as the pace of the nation’s economic growth was the fastest in 15 years.

Thai Baht Rises on Outlook for Growth of Asian Economies

The Thai baht went up today on the speculation that the fast growth of the Asian nations would attract more investors to the region, increasing the appeal of the Asian currencies.

Thai Baht Rises, but Remains Under Pressure

The Thai baht rose today after it previously fell as the political turmoil drove away the investors and prompted them to take away the fund from the nation’s equities.

Thai Baht Declines on Political and Civil Crisis

The Thai baht continued its decline against the U.S. dollar today and touched its lowest level in the last 21 months as the political protests and the civil unrest raged through the country.