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Australian Dollar Doesn’t Get Help from Economic Data

The Australian dollar fell against its major rivals today (with the exception of the Japanese yen against which it traded almost flat) despite positive macroeconomic reports released from Australia over the current trading session.

Australian Dollar Flat vs. US Dollar, Gains on Other Rivals After RBA

The Australian dollar was almost flat against its US counterpart but gained against other major peers after the Reserve Bank of Australia decided to keep its monetary policy without change.

Australian Dollar Higher After Economic Data, Waits for RBA

The Australian dollar rose today, gaining on its major peers for the third straight day, after release of macroeconomic data from Australia. Now, traders wait for a monetary policy decision from the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Australian Dollar Rises After Release of Leading Index

The Australian dollar rose against the US dollar and the euro today after the release of yet another positive leading index from Australia.

Aussie Higher vs. Greenback & Euro After RBA Minutes

The Australian dollar was mildly higher against its US counterpart and the euro after the minutes released by the Reserve Bank of Australia showed that the central bank was not in a hurry to cut interest rates further.

Aussie Trades Higher After Release of Leading Index

The Australian dollar rose today, jumping more than 1% against its US counterpart, as the nation’s supporting leading indicators added to the upward momentum of the currency caused by the investors’ appetite for riskier assets.

Australian Dollar Remains Steady After Employment Data

The Australian dollar held steady after the surprise results provided by the employment report. The data surprised analysts, circumventing their forecasts completely.

Australian Dollar Trades Higher Ahead of Thursday’s Employment Data

The Australian dollar gained during the Wednesday’s trading session, though it has shed some of its gains by now.

Could the Carry Trade Help the Aussie?

The Australian dollar has been struggling recently, but there is some speculation that the Down Under currency could get some help moving forward. The carry trade might provide a basis for some success for the Aussie. The move isn’t likely to result in big gains for the currency, though, and Aussie is currently mostly lower.

Australian Dollar Falls with Global Stocks & Bonds

The Australian dollar fell today following the drop of global stocks and bonds. The reason for that were speculations about a potential interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve in the near future.