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Australian Dollar Lifted by Employment Data

The Australian dollar rose sharply after today’s release of domestic employment data. While the Aussie has lost gains versus its US counterpart by now, the Australian currency maintained the rally against other most-traded rivals.

Aussie Ignores Negative Domestic Data with Help from China’s Reports

The Australian dollar rallied today despite unfavorable domestic macroeconomic data. A possible reason for the rally was economic data released in China, which was rather good.

Australian Dollar Steady Despite Macroeconomic Data

The Australian dollar was steady against its US counterpart and rose versus other most-traded rivals even though macroeconomic data, both domestic and from abroad, was not particularly good.

Australian Dollar Gets Help from GDP & Construction Reports

The Australian dollar gained today, rising for the fourth consecutive session against the US dollar and the euro, as reports about economic growth and the construction sector were beneficial to the currency.

Australian Dollar Gains After RBA Policy Meeting

The Australian dollar rallied today against its most-traded rivals (with the exception of the very strong Japanese yen) following the release of monetary policy statement from the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Australian Dollar Gets Help from China’s Services Sector

The Australian dollar jumped today against its peers, getting help from the good service sector data released in China during the current trading session.

Australian Dollar Gains, Fighting Off Adverse Fundamentals

The Australian dollar gained today, and that was surprising as fundamentals did not look good for riskier commodity-related currencies.

Aussie Down as Chinese Economic Data Overshadows Australian

The Australian dollar fell today against its major peers as poor China’s macroeconomic data overshadowed decent reports released in Australia. China is the biggest trading partner of Australia, therefore its economic performance has a big impact on the Australian currency.

Australian Dollar Drops with Commodity Currencies

The Australian dollar dropped together with other commodity currencies today, most likely due to the sharp decline of crude oil prices, after showing decent performance during the previous trading session.

Australian Dollar Shows Muted Reaction to Good Employment Data

Australian employment data released during the current trading session looked decent, with a surprising surge of employment and an unexpected drop of the unemployment rate. Yet the Australian dollar showed muted reaction to the news, quickly giving up most of its gains it has logged after the report.