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Aussie Strong Despite Employment & Inflation Data

The Australian dollar gained today even though employment data missed forecasts and the inflation expectations gauge decreased this month.

Australian Dollar Falls as Wage Growth Stagnates

The Australian dollar fell today against its major rivals, though it has trimmed losses against some of them by now. The main reason was underwhelming wage inflation, though the falling consumer confidence was not helping the currency either.

Australian Dollar Lifted by Domestic Data

The Australian dollar stabilized after yesterday’s sell-off, edging a little higher versus the US dollar and the Japanese yen, though continuing to fall against the euro for the fourth straight day. It looks like traders paid more attention to the positive domestic data than to the reports from China, Australia’s biggest trading partner.

Australian Dollar Creeps Down During Monday’s Quiet Trading

The Australian dollar was moving gradually down during the Monday’s uneventful trading session.

Aussie Flat-to-Lower After Australian & Chinese Reports

The Australian dollar traded flat-to-lower today, the same as its New Zealand counterpart, even though macroeconomic reports from China, Australia’s biggest trading partner, were good. Domestic economic data was not so good, though.

Australian Dollar Rallies, Disregarding China’s Trade Data

The Australian dollar rose against most of its major peers even though data from Australia’s main trading partner, China, was a bit disappointing.

Australia Dollar Falls After RBA Remains Passive

The Australian dollar fell today after Reserve Bank of Australia remained passive, showing it has no plans for raising interest rates in the foreseeable future.

Australian Dollar Driven Down by Domestic Data

The Australian dollar dropped today against its major rivals, driven down by poor Australian reports. Sometimes economic data from China, Australia’s biggest trading partner, is able to mitigate impact from domestic data, but that did not happen today, even though China’s services report was decent.

Positive Domestic Macroeconomic Data Lifts Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar rose during the Thursday’s trading session, lifted by positive domestic macroeconomic data.

Australian Dollar Gains, Getting Boost from China Manufacturing PMI

The Australian dollar rose against its major rivals today. Perhaps, decent economic data from Australia’s biggest trading partner, China, helped the currency as domestic reports were far from good.