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Bears Took Over on AUD/NZD from 1.0826?

The Australian versus the New Zealand dollar currency pair seems to be in a spot to the bearish liking. Are the bulls taking a pause?

Australian Trade Surplus Narrows, Aussie Halts Rally

The Australian dollar, together with other commodity currencies, halted its rally today. Fairly poor domestic macroeconomic data was not doing the Aussie any favors either.

Australian Dollar Strong After Fitch Maintains Credit Rating

The Australian dollar was among the strongest currencies on the Forex market today, rising against all other most-traded currencies except for the New Zealand dollar. That said, the Aussie has lost its gains versus the euro at the time of writing and has been retreating from day’s highs against several others.

AUD/USD Hovering at 0.7914

The Australian versus the United States dollar currency pair seems to be determined to win the 0.7914 handle. Are the bears prepared?

Australian Dollar Ends Week Strongest, Gets Help from Metal Market

The Australian dollar rallied sharply during the past trading week, ending trading as the strongest most-traded currency on the Forex market. Other commodity currencies joined the rally, while safer currencies were left in the dust.

Australian Dollar Strongest, Reaches Multi-Year Highs Despite Negative Economic Releases

The Australian dollar traded as the strongest currency on the Forex market today as the market sentiment favored riskier commodity-geared currencies. That is despite Australia’s macroeconomic reports, which were rather bad.

Aussie Rallies After Employment Data, Fails to Gain on Pound

The Australian dollar rose today after the release of a positive employment report in Australia. The gains were limited against most rivals, though, and the Aussie failed to rally versus the Great Britain pound.

Australian Dollar Starts Trading Weak, Races to Top Later

The Australian dollar started today’s trading weak against the US dollar and other most-traded currencies, though not all of them. In particular, the Aussie managed to gain on the Swiss franc and to reverse yesterday’s losses versus the New Zealand dollar. But at the time of writing, the Aussie not just managed to rebound to the opening level, it has been trading as one of the strongest currencies on the Forex market.

Bears Tried to Step In on AUD/NZD from 1.0773

The Australian versus the New Zealand dollar currency pair seems to be under some bearish pressure. Is this the end of the rally that commenced from the firm area of 1.0551, or it’s just the bulls taking a well-deserved break?

Australian Dollar Flat After RBA Minutes Provide No Surprises

The Australian dollar rose a bit at the start of Tuesday’s trading session but has retreated to trade near the opening level at the time of writing. The Aussie dropped versus the New Zealand dollar, which was the strongest currency on the Forex market today. The central bank’s minutes released on Tuesday did not provide any surprising new insights.