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Australian Dollar Shows Muted Reaction to Good Employment Data

Australian employment data released during the current trading session looked decent, with a surprising surge of employment and an unexpected drop of the unemployment rate. Yet the Australian dollar showed muted reaction to the news, quickly giving up most of its gains it has logged after the report.

Aussie Drops for Fourth Day vs. Euro & Franc

The Australian dollar fell today. It was the fourth drop in a row against such currencies as the euro and the Swiss franc, but the first decline in six sessions versus the US dollar.

Aussie Down After RBA Minutes & Oil Prices Rise

The Reserve Bank of Australia released minutes of its May policy meeting today, though they did not reveal anything particularly new. With no major news to drive the Australian dollar, the currency was moving down.

Rally of Crude Oil Helps Aussie Mitigate Negative Fundemantals

Fundamentals were largely adverse to the Australian dollar, but that did not prevent the Aussie from rallying today. Analysts explained such behavior by the rise of crude oil prices that bolstered currencies linked to commodities, the Aussie being one of such currencies.

Aussie Mixed After Release of Data from China & Australia

The Australian dollar was mixed today after the release of economic indicators from Australia and China.

Australian Dollar Follows Crude Oil in Volatile Trading

The current trading session was very volatile for crude oil, and commodity currencies like the Australian and the Canadian dollars (though not the New Zealand dollar) were following moves of oil prices.

Australian Dollar Lower After Economic Data & Comments from RBA Chief

The Australian dollar slid against its major rivals today as economic data from Australia and China was less than stellar. Comments from central bank’s chief Philip Lowe were not helping the matter as he was explaining dangers of high household debts to the economy.

Australia Dollar Higher After RBA, Under Pressure from China’ Data

The Australian dollar rallied on Tuesday after the monetary policy meeting of the Reserve Bank of Australia. As of now, the currency has come off the day’s highs, possibly being under pressure from poor economic data from China.

Aussie Joins Other Asian Currencies in Rally on Monday

The Australian dollar rallied today even as economic data from China, Australia’s biggest trading partner, was lackluster. The Aussie joined other Asian currencies in a rally after the United States avoided government shutdown.

AUD/USD Drops for Third Day as Australian CPI Misses Expectations

The Australian dollar dropped today, falling for the third straight day against its US counterpart. The reason for the decline was the inflation report that missed expectations, even though the disparity was minimal.