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AUD Rallies on Improving Market Sentiment, Decent Economic Data

The Australian dollar rallied today, boosted mainly by the improving market sentiment. Australia’s macroeconomic data released over the trading session was somewhat mixed, but mostly good.

Australian Dollar Dips Intraday, Rebounds Later

The Australian dollar dipped intraday during the Wednesday’s trading session but has bounced against most of its rivals by now and is trading near the opening level. Today’s macroeconomic data released in Australia was mixed.

Aussie Mixed As Market Sentiment Improves, Economic Data Disappoints

The market sentiment improved today after fears about the crisis in Turkey eased, alleviating pressure on riskier currencies. Yet the Australian dollar was mixed as domestic macroeconomic data was also mixed, while economic releases in China, Australia’s biggest trading partner, were universally disappointing.

Australian Dollar Falls After RBA Policy Statement

The Australian dollar fell today as the rally of the US dollar and the sell-off of the euro hurt riskier currencies. The passive stance of Australia’s central bank was not helping the currency.

Aussie Fails to Keep Gains Caused by China’s Positive Inflation Reports

While Australia’s economic calendar had no releases today, but China, Australia’s biggest trading partner, released important inflation data. The reports showed better-than-expected results, prompting the Australian dollar to rally. Yet the currency has lost its gains by now and is trading far below the opening level.

Australian Dollar Mixed-to-Lower After RBA, Macroeconomic Data

The Australian dollar was little changed against most of its major rivals today but dropped versus the Japanese yen. Today’s macroeconomic data was rather poor, weighing on the currency.

Australian Dollar Logs Small Gains During Friday’s Trading

The Australian dollar traded higher against most of its major peers today, though gains were marginal. Friday’s macroeconomic data was mixed, failing to provide the currency any meaningful boost.

Widening Trade Surplus Does Not Prevent Aussie’s Drop

Australia’s trade balance increased more than was expected, but that did not prevent the Australian dollar from falling. The likely reason for the currency’s drop was the risk-negative sentiment on the Forex market.

Australian Dollar Mixed After Producer Inflation Unexpectedly Slows

The Australian dollar was mixed today, rising against such currencies as the euro and Swiss franc but falling against the US dollar and the Japanese yen, after a report showed that Australia’s producer inflation slowed unexpectedly.

Australian Dollar Fails to Profit from Positive Data

Domestic macroeconomic data was supportive for the Australian dollar today, but that did not prevent the currency from falling.