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Bears Trying to Start an Impulsive Swing from 0.6929

The Australian dollar versus the US dollar currency pair looks like it is failing in its appreciation efforts. Or isn’t it?

Australian Dollar Falls vs. Rivals After Home Loans, RBA Monetary Policy Statement

The Australian dollar fell against almost all other most-traded currencies today. Domestic macroeconomic data was unfavorable to the currency as it missed market expectations. The monetary policy statement released by Australia’s central bank today retained an optimistic outlook for the nation’s economy but kept the possibility of additional monetary easing in the cards.

Bears Try a Comeback from 0.6900 on AUD/USD

The Australian dollar versus the US dollar currency pair recovered but seems to have trouble passing the 0.6900 handle.

AUD/USD Correcting from 0.6800

The Australian dollar versus the US dollar currency pair reached the target of 0.6800 and began a correction. Which are the odds for the appreciation to continue?

Australian Dollar Falls as Economic Activity Slows

The Australian dollar declined against its most-traded rivals today after flash data showed that economic activity slowed significantly last month. While both the manufacturing and the services sectors continued to expand, the pace of expansion was slower than in the preceding month.

Aussie Bounces Sharply After Unemployment Drops Unexpectedly

The Australian dollar climbed after the release of Australia’s employment data that showed an unexpected drop of the unemployment rate. The currency erased yesterday’s losses against most-traded rivals and managed to erase losses for the whole week versus the US dollar.

Bulls Preparing to Head for 0.6800 on AUD/USD

The Australian dollar versus the US dollar currency pair recovered yesterday, October 16, after it almost touched the 0.6700 level, thus signaling that the sellers may dissipate.

Australian Dollar Extends Losses After RBA Minutes, China’s Data

The Australian dollar did not change Monday’s direction on Tuesday, continuing to fall against other major currencies. The most important factors driving the currency were the dovish monetary policy outlook and mixed macroeconomic data in Australia’s biggest trading partner, China.

Australian Dollar Declines After China’s Poor Trade Data

The Australian dollar started the trading week with losses against other most-traded currencies. The general market sentiment seemed to be relatively optimistic due to the positive news about the US-China trade negotiations. But trade data from China released on Monday did not look good, and that is one of the possible reasons for the weak performance of the Aussie.

Australian Dollar Gains on Hopes for US-China Trade Deal

The Australian dollar rose against other most-traded currencies today. With domestic macroeconomic data being a mixed bag, it is likely that the currency found outside support for its rally. Market analysts speculated that the Aussie gained on optimism about the US-China trade talks, though it is important to note that today’s headlines provided conflicting reports about the progress in the negotiations.