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AUD/NZD Could Target 1.0837

The Australian dollar versus the New Zealand dollar currency pair managed to keep the gains above 1.0640, thus giving credit to the bulls.

AUD/NZD Is Approaching the Interesting Area of 1.0640

The Australian dollar versus the New Zealand dollar currency pair is in a throwback phase that has 1.0640 on its course.

NZ Dollar Weakest During Week of Interest Rate Cuts

The New Zealand dollar ended the week as the weakest among most-traded currencies. The major reason for the poor performance was a larger-than-expected interest rate cut by New Zealand’s central bank, but risk aversion also played a significant part.

RBNZ Makes Surprise Interest Rate Cut, Kiwi Sinks

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand surprised markets today, cutting interest rates more than was expected. As a result, the New Zealand dollar sank against almost all of its most-traded rivals. While the currency has trimmed losses by now, it is still trading far below the opening level. Surprisingly, the kiwi managed to gain on the Great Britain pound, which remains under pressure from fears of a hard Brexit.

NZ Dollar Gains After Trade Surplus Widens Unexpectedly

The New Zealand dollar rose today after the nation’s trade surplus widened unexpectedly last month.

AUD/NZD Facing a Dilemma at the Important 1.0546 Support

The Australian dollar versus the New Zealand dollar currency pair is caught in between the bullish and bearish plans, with both parties being of equal strength right now.

AUD/NZD Looks Bearish

The Australian dollar vs. New Zealand dollar looks to be poised for a bearish move, even if the descending trend told a different story.

AUD/NZD Follows the Plan and Confirms 1.0546 Support

The decline that started around 1.0700 on the Australian dollar versus the New Zealand dollar currency pair looks like it is making the first step towards confirming a weekly major support area.

After the Strong Appreciation on AUD/NZD

The Australian dollar versus the New Zealand dollar etched the new high of 2019, and this makes possible even more positive expectations.

AUD/NZD Is Sitting in a Very Interesting Spot

The decline of the New Zealand dollar versus the Australian dollar dragged the currency pair at the resistance of an established descending trend.