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Australian Dollar Surges Despite Wednesday’s Underwhelming Data

The Australian dollar surged against other most-traded currencies today. With Wednesday’s domestic macroeconomic data being negative, it is hard to tell what the reason for the sharp rally was. One of the possible factors boosting the Aussie were hopes for a delay of US tariffs on Chinese goods that should kick in on December 15.

AUD/JPY at 73.93 Preparing for Another Rally

The Australian dollar versus the Japanese yen currency pair is building ground for further appreciation. But can the bears consider this delay as their opportunity?

Yen Gains on Commodity Currencies After Positive GDP Revision

The Japanese yen gained on commodity currencies but was trading flat against most major currencies, with the exception of the US dollar. Domestic macroeconomic data was decent, with the GDP figure getting a positive revision compared with the preliminary report.

Australian Dollar Rallies, Ignoring Negative Domestic Data

The Australian dollar was trading mostly higher against its major rivals today. With no clarity as to whether the United States and China will be able to reach a trade deal before the December 15 deadline, it is hard to say what drove the Aussie higher. Domestic macroeconomic data was certainly not the reason for the good performance as the latest reports were rather bad.

Australian Dollar Rises After RBA Holds Interest Rates

The Australian dollar climbed against all other most-traded currencies today after the nation’s central bank decided to leave interest rates unchanged. Positive macroeconomic data supported the currency as well. The Aussie was rising yesterday too even though Monday’s data was not nearly as good.

AUD/JPY Trying to Confirm the 73.93 Support

The Australian dollar versus the Japanese yen currency pair is reconquering an important support area.

Australian Dollar Rises Despite Lackluster Domestic Data

The Australian dollar rose against other most-traded currencies today. There was no apparent reason for the rally as domestic macroeconomic data released over Friday’s trading session was not impressive and there was no news about the US-China trade negotiations.

Aussie Trades Lower on Poor Data, Risk Aversion

The Australian dollar was trading generally lower today due to an unexpected drop of private capital expenditure last week. Released at the start of Thursday’s trading session, a report on construction work done showed a decline as well, but it was not as big as experts had feared. The Forex market was in a risk-off mode after US President Donald Trump officially supported Hong Kong protesters, and that also had a negative impact […]

Bulls Trying to Change Course on AUD/JPY at 73.93

The Australian dollar versus the Japanese yen currency pair seems to be at the boundary that separates the bullish and bearish territories.

Aussie Rallies, Ignoring Negative PMIs, But Unable to Keep Gains

The Australian dollar attempted to rally today, ignoring negative domestic macroeconomic data. But the currency was unable to keep gains, falling against the majority of its most-traded rivals by now.