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Australian Dollar Trades Higher After RBA Stands Pat

The Reserve Bank of Australia made a monetary policy announcement today. While the Australian dollar rose a bit after the central bank announced its decision, the currency continued to move sideways below the opening level afterward. Yet later, the Aussie made a push to the upside, which helped the Australian currency to climb above the opening level against all other most-traded currencies.

Australian Trade Surplus Narrows, Aussie Halts Rally

The Australian dollar, together with other commodity currencies, halted its rally today. Fairly poor domestic macroeconomic data was not doing the Aussie any favors either.

Australian Dollar Strongest, Reaches Multi-Year Highs Despite Negative Economic Releases

The Australian dollar traded as the strongest currency on the Forex market today as the market sentiment favored riskier commodity-geared currencies. That is despite Australia’s macroeconomic reports, which were rather bad.

Japan’s Macroeconomic Data Mixed, Yen Gains

The Japanese yen rallied against the vast majority of other most-traded currencies today. Together with the strong bounce of the US dollar, that suggests that the market sentiment shifted into a risk-off mode. But the rebound of the riskier commodity-related Australian dollar puts such thinking into question.

Aussie Fails to Keep Gains Despite Supportive Fundamentals

The Australian dollar had started Tuesday’s trading with gains but has reversed its movement later. The Aussie managed to keep gains only against its US and Canadian counterparts at the time of writing. That is despite positive macroeconomic data and the risk-on market sentiment.

Australian Dollar Recovers After Starting Trading With Losses

The Australian dollar started Friday’s trading with losses but has recovered by the time of writing. Analysts considered the market sentiment to be positive for riskier currencies, especially after some major US stock indices reached new record highs on Thursday. Australian macroeconomic data released during Friday’s trading session was mixed but no report was outright disastrous.

Australian Dollar Retreats After RBA Monetary Policy Announcement

The Australian dollar started Tuesday with gains but reversed its movement after the monetary policy announcement from the Reserve Bank of Australia. While the central bank kept interest rates unchanged, markets still considered the policy decision to be surprisingly dovish.

Australian Dollar Opens Lower, Recovers

The Australian dollar opened sharply lower on Monday but has recovered afterward. The currency got a downward pressure from disappointing macroeconomic data in Australia’s biggest trading partner — China. As for macro indicators in Australia itself, they were mostly positive.

Aussie Joins Commodity-Geared Counterparts in Rally, AUD/NZD Falls

The Australian dollar was firm today, joining other commodity-related currencies in a rally, thanks to the positive market sentiment. The strongest currency on the Forex market on Monday was the New Zealand dollar, though.

Australian Dollar Starts Year on Strong Footing

The Australian dollar traded mostly higher against its most-traded rivals on the back of the positive market sentiment. Traders looked into the future with optimism thanks to expectations of coronavirus vaccine rollouts and the subsequent recovery of the global economy. A manufacturing report for China, Australia’s biggest trading partner, missed expectations but it did not seem to have a material impact on markets, perhaps because the data was not outright bad.