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Australian Dollar Ends Week Strongest, Gets Help from Metal Market

The Australian dollar rallied sharply during the past trading week, ending trading as the strongest most-traded currency on the Forex market. Other commodity currencies joined the rally, while safer currencies were left in the dust.

Canadian Dollar Joins Other Commodity Currencies in Rally, Ignores Negative Fundamentals

Commodity currencies were clear winners today, and the Canadian dollar was among them. While the loonie failed to beat its commodity-linked counterparts, like the Australian and New Zealand dollars, it managed to gain on other most-traded currencies. That is despite seemingly adverse fundamentals.

Aussie Fails to Keep Gains Despite Supportive Fundamentals

The Australian dollar had started Tuesday’s trading with gains but has reversed its movement later. The Aussie managed to keep gains only against its US and Canadian counterparts at the time of writing. That is despite positive macroeconomic data and the risk-on market sentiment.

Australian Dollar Weak as Retail Sales Decline

The Australian dollar was the weakest currency on the Forex market today, falling even against its commodity-geared counterparts, though managing to pare losses versus them by the time of writing. One of the possible reasons for the Aussie’s weakness was the worsening market sentiment. Another one was a disappointing retail sales report.

Australian Dollar Rises Despite Deteriorating Consumer Sentiment

The Australian dollar rose today even though macroeconomic data showed that the consumer sentiment was deteriorating. In fact, the Aussie was the strongest currency on the Forex market intraday but the Canadian dollar outperformed its Australian counterpart by the time of writing.

Australian Dollar Follows Other Commodity Currencies in Decline, Tries to Rebound

The Australian dollar fell today together with other commodity currencies as investors were more interested in safer currencies, like the US dollar and the Japanese yen (but not the Swiss franc). That suggests that markets were in a risk-off mode, and the decline of European stocks during Monday’s trading session also implied that it was the case. The Aussie was attempting to rebound, getting support from better-than-expected macroeconomic releases in Australia […]

Aussie Strongest Despite Surprise Drop in China’s Services PMI

The market sentiment remained favorable for commodity currencies, allowing them to maintain a rally. The Australian dollar was the strongest among them, rising against all other most-traded currencies. The Aussie managed to rally even after macroeconomic data showed slower-than-expected expansion of the services industry in China, Australia’s biggest trading partner. Meanwhile, the rally of crude oil prices was helping commodity currencies, especially those of oil-producing countries.

Australian Dollar Mixed After RBA Meeting, China’s Manufacturing PMI

The Australian dollar did not show a clear trend today. The Reserve Bank of Australia left its monetary policy unchanged at its last policy meeting this year, as was widely expected. China’s macroeconomic data was helpful to the Australian currency.

Australian Dollar Soars Despite Interest Rate Cut from RBA

The Australian dollar was the strongest currency on the Forex market today even though the Reserve Bank of Australia expanded its stimulus more than was expected. Market analysts explained the currency’s stellar performance by the risk-positive market sentiment and the sell-off of the US dollar.

CAD Surges on Sharp Oil Prices Rebound, Strong Manufacturing PMI

The Canadian dollar was the strongest currency on the Forex market on Monday. The reason for the currency’s impressive performance was primarily the sharp bounce of crude oil prices, though Canada’s macroeconomic data was also supportive of the loonie.