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Australian Dollar Shows Resilience in Face of Adverse Fundamentals

The Australian dollar managed to hold its ground, trading near the opening level against its major peers, despite fundamentals that were rather unfavorable to the currency today.

Japanese Yen Jumps on Renewed Cooperation With China

The Japanese yen is posting modest gains against its US counterpart on Thursday after the Chinese government encouraged renewed economic cooperation with the world’s third-largest economy. The yen received a slight shot in the arm on various surveys that show a boost in key sectors. 

Euro Rallies on Huge Drop in Global Equity Markets, Later Declines

The euro today rallied higher against the US dollar from the early European session largely due to the massive pullback in global equity markets, which favored the single currency. The EUR/USD currency pair’s rally was further boosted by President Donald Trump‘s criticism of the Fed’s monetary policy position, which also contributed to the greenback’s weakness.

Canadian Dollar Weakens on Lower Crude Prices, Higher US Bond Yields

The Canadian dollar is trading lower against its US and European counterparts midweek. The loonie has been tumbling on lower crude oil prices and rising US bond yields that analysts fear could impact global growth. It appears that striking a new trilateral trade deal with the US and Mexico only provided short-term relief for the currency.

British Pound Rallies on Brexit Progress Despite Weak UK Macro Data

The British pound today rallied higher against the US dollar from the early European session as it emerged that the European Union and the UK were about to reach a Brexit deal. The GBP/USD currency pair was further boosted by the fact that the US warned China against devaluing its currency, which did not favor the greenback.

Euro Rallies as Italian-German Yield Spread Narrows

The euro rallied today but trimmed its gains against some rivals, including the Japanese yen and the Great Britain pound. The currency kept gains versus the US dollar and the Swiss franc, though.

Yen Down as Traders Feel No Need for Safe Haven, Positive Data Doesn’t Help

The Japanese yen was weak across the board today as markets calmed down and the sentiment stabilized, giving traders no incentive to buy safer currencies. Positive macroeconomic data did not help the currency.

Aussie Unable to Hold onto Gains Caused by Improving Consumer Sentiment

Positive macroeconomic data helped the Australian dollar to rise overnight but the currency has trimmed its gains by now, losing them outright against some of its major peers, including the US dollar and the euro.

Canadian Dollar Bounces, Following Other Riskier Currencies

The Canadian dollar behaved similarly to some other currencies, including the Australian dollar and the Great Britain pound, falling initially but bouncing later today.

Japanese Yen Trims Gains Caused by Risk Aversion

The Japanese yen gained intraday on risk aversion but has trimmed its gains by now. Currently, the yen trades above the opening level against the US dollar, flat versus the euro, and below the opening against the Great Britain pound.