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Australian Dollar Declines with Consumer Sentiment

The Australian dollar fell today, though the currency has rebounded from the day’s lows by now. The possible reason for the decline was deterioration of the consumer sentiment.

Euro Rallies on Positive European Releases and Mixed US Prints

The euro today extended its rally against the US dollar for the fourth consecutive session driven by positive eurozone releases. The EUR/USD’s rally was also boosted by the release of mixed US data and the improved market risk sentiment amid Brexit hopes.

Japanese Yen Weakens on Machine Tool Data, Business Sentiment

The Japanese yen is weakening against major currencies on Tuesday, driven by poor economic data and bearish business sentiment. While officials have dismissed concerns of an economic contraction, the market is signaling that a recession is nigh, which could only intensify in a cooling global economy and trade war.

Great Britain Pound Ignores Positive Data, Falls on Brexit Drama

A slew of macroeconomic reports was released today, and most of them were positive. Yet the Great Britain pound reversed its earlier gains nonetheless as the Brexit drama continued with some negative developments.

Euro Rallies on Weak US Inflation Data Amid Brexit Headlines

The euro today rallied for the third straight session against the US dollar as investors reacted to the mixed US inflation data released today. The EUR/USD currency pair’s rally was further boosted by Brexit developments as the EU and the UK agreed to a raft of joint declarations on the Irish backstop issue.

USD/SEK Falls Despite Swedish CPI Miss

Sweden’s consumer inflation missed market expectations, but that did not prevent the Swedish krona from gaining on the US dollar. The possible reason for that was the fact that US underline inflation also failed to meet expectations.

Aussie Stands Ground in Face of Adverse Fundamentals

Macroeconomic reports released during the Tuesday’s trading session did not paint a positive picture of Australia’s economy. Yet that did not prevent the Aussie from standing ground, avoiding losses, most likely due to mild risk appetite on the Forex market.

Great Britain Pound Surges After Changes Made to Brexit Deal

The Great Britain pound was rallying on Monday on hopes that the UK and EU leaders will be able to negotiate a new Brexit deal, resolving the Irish backstop issue. The sterling continued to move higher at the start of the Tuesday’s session after changes to the deal were indeed made.

Canadian Dollar Firm As Crude Oil Rallies More than 1%

The Canadian dollar was generally strong on Monday, likely due to the rally of crude oil prices. The loonie often follows moves of the commodity because it is Canada’s biggest source of export revenue.

US Dollar Lower Despite Strong Retail Sales, Gains on Safe Peers

The US dollar traded generally lower versus other most-traded currencies today, but managed to gain on safer ones, like the Japanese yen and the Swiss franc. Analysts explained such behavior by the market sentiment, which was positive to riskier higher-yielding assets. US retail sales were better than expected, but traders largely ignored the data.