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Britain’s Pound Rallies After Theresa May Survives Confidence Vote

The Great Britain pound gained today after Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May survived the no-confidence vote of her party yesterday. While the currency has lost its gains versus the US dollar by now, it kept them against other major rivals.

Japanese Yen Shows No Clear Trend After Mixed Data

The Japanese yen did not have a clear trend today, rising against some currencies but falling versus others. Macroeconomic data released during the Asian trading session was mixed.

Australian Dollar Gains Despite Interest Rate Projections, Unimpressive Economic Data

The Australian gained against most of its major rivals today, with the exception of the euro. News from Australia itself was not particularly supportive, but the currency profited from the positive market sentiment caused by the news from Great Britain.

Chinese Yuan Strengthens As Beijing Prepares for 2019 Economic Plan

The Chinese yuan is strengthening midweek as the federal government prepares to unveil its economic game plan. After a disappointing 2018 performance, mostly due to the US-China trade war, Beijing is looking to spur growth by introducing a series of measures that President Xi Jinping hopes will limit the damage.

British Pound Rallies as PM May Expected to Win Leadership Challenge

The British pound today rallied higher from the early European session as analysts predicted that the British Prime Minister will win the leadership challenge from within her party. Most analysts are predicting that Theresa May will win the no-confidence vote scheduled for later today despite 48 Tory MPs submitting letters that triggered the vote.

Japanese Yen Trades with Losses During Wednesday’s Asian Session

The Japanese yen started the Wednesday’s session in the red across the board. The positive market sentiment was the likely reason for the losses of the safe-haven currency, though negative macroeconomic data might have played its part as well.

Euro Fails to Profit from Improving Economic Sentiment

The euro fell against most of its major rivals today with the exception of the Great Britain pound. Positive macroeconomic data was unable to support the currency.

Aussie Gains on Positive News About US-China Trade War

The Australian dollar gained today despite domestic macroeconomic data, which was not particularly supportive to the currency. The rally was a result of the positive market sentiment caused by news about good developments in the US-China trade relationships.

Chinese Yuan Strengthens Despite Poor Economic Data

The Chinese yuan is rising on Tuesday, despite the release of data that is reflecting poorly on the national economy. But investors might be focusing more on the US government’s actions on Huawei and the arrest of CFO Meng Wenzhou, which might lead to Beijing retaliating by targeting American executives. Ultimately, the situation could threaten the 90-day trade truce agreed upon by President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping.

British Pound Hits New Yearly Lows on Brexit News and Political Uncertainty

The British pound today dropped to new yearly lows in the American session after European Union officials insisted that they would not reopen Brexit negotiations. The pound made an about-turn after rallying higher in the early European session on positive Brexit news from Ireland regarding the Irish backstop amid positive UK jobs data.