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US Dollar USD


Detailed information and fundamental factors

Central Bank: Federal Reserve System

Public Debt to GDP Ratio, 2016: 73.8%

Trade Balance, 2016: -$734 bln.

Inflation, 2016: 1.3%

Sovereign Credit Ratings:


Supporting Factors

Global reserve currency


International trade currency


World's strongest economy


Safe haven currency


Factors of Weakness

Huge public debt


Negative trade balance


The US dollar is the currency of the United States of America. Introduced back in 1792 it has a long history of being strong medium of exchange. The currency is widely used in global international trade, as the reserve currency and is officially used in several countries besides the United States. The US dollar is also sometimes referred as greenback or simply the American dollar.

US Dollar News Archive

US Dollar Strong During Week, Ends Trading Soft Due to NFP

The US dollar was strong during the past trading week thanks to the outlook for the US tax reform. The currency lost its upward momentum on Friday, though, following the release of nonfarm payrolls.

US Dollar Opens Sharply Higher as Markets Reopen

The US dollar opened sharply higher at the start of the trading session after markets got chance to react to the news that the US Senate passed the tax reform bill.

US Dollar Outlook: Important Economic Data Can Be Overshadowed by Politics

This week should be fairly important for the US dollar. Several major economic reports will come out during the week, including nonfarm payrolls. But there is a high probability that politics will overshadow macroeconomic data.

Dollar Ends Week Soft, Waits for Reaction to Tax Reform News

This week was far more eventful than the previous week, which was rather quiet due the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. Not all of those events were good for the US dollar, leaving the currency rather soft by the weekend. With that said, the major piece of news that could have been supporting the greenback came out after trading ended, on Saturday, giving the markets no time to react.

Dollar Loses Ground as Flynn Prepares to Testify Against Trump

The US dollar fell against most-traded currencies (though not the Great Britain pound) today as US politics took the center stage yet again, distracting market participants from other fundamental factors that could have influenced the currency.

US Dollar Threatened by Uncertainty Associated with US Politics

The US dollar was vulnerable on Thursday as tumultuous US politics overshadowed positive macroeconomic data released in the United States over the trading session.

US Dollar Firm, Supported by Economic Data

The US dollar was generally firm today following the release of positive macroeconomic indicators in the United States. The testimony of Fed Chair nominee Jerome Powell did little to disrupt markets, and it is expected that he will continue the policy of incumbent Chair Janet Yellen.

Dollar Erases Earlier Losses on Monday, Unable to Outperform Yen

The US dollar started the week soft, falling against basically all its major peers. But the greenback managed to turn the momentum up following the release of a very positive housing report. Now, the US currency trades either higher, or at least flat versus most of rivals, though the Japanese yen was a major exception.

US Dollar Outlook: Events to Watch After Thanksgiving Week

The US dollar was not performing well lately, falling for three consecutive weeks against its most-traded peers. What the future holds for the greenback and what news, reports, and events may turn the tide in favor of the US currency?

Dollar Stabilizes After Wednesday’s Sell-Off

The US dollar stabilized after yesterday’s sell-off caused by mixed macroeconomic reports and minutes of the October-November policy meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee.