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The Turkish lira is the currency of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (recognized only by Turkey). The new Turkish lira was introduced in 2005, dropping 6 zeros from the old lira. Turkey is one of the major world producers of agricultural commodities and steel.

Turkish Lira News Archive


Turkish Lira Logs Strong Gains vs. Dollar, Analysts Remain Bearish

Currencies of emerging markets were rallying against the US dollar during the Thursday’s trading session, and the Turkish lira joined the parade. Yet analysts remained largely bearish on the Turkish currency.

Turkish Lira Hits Record Low vs. Dollar After Falling More Than 2%

The Turkish lira fell more than 2%, dropping to the record low against the US dollar today as fundamentals, both domestic and overseas, made the currency largely unappealing to investors and Forex traders.

Turkish Lira Jumps Against US Dollar

The Turkish lira climbed against the US dollar today, easing the pressure on the nation’s central bank to act in defense of the currency and its inflation goal.

Turkish Lira Hits Record Low as Markets Anticipate Fed Hike

The Turkish lira fell today, hitting a record low, as the hawkish outlook for Federal Reserve’s monetary policy and the resulting strength of the US dollar led to weakness of emerging markets’ assets.

Bad News Makes Turkish Lira Unappealing for Investors

The Turkish lira sank today after the series of bad news made the currency look very unappealing to investors.

Lira Little Changed After Turkish Central Bank Refrains from Rate Cut

The Turkish lira was little changed today after the nation’s central bank made a surprise decision to keep interest rates unchanged.

Turkish Lira at Record Low

The Turkish lira fell to the record low, being under pressure from fundamentals both domestic and from abroad.

Turkish Lira Bounces After Earlier Drop

The Turkish lira rose a bit today after falling earlier on the news that Turkey launched a military strike in Syria against Islamic State militants.

Gains of Turkish Lira Limited by Terrorist Attack

The Turkish lira rose against the US dollar together with other currencies but the gains were limited due to the terrorist attack in Istanbul.

Turkish Lira Stable After Central Bank Cuts Interest Rate

The Turkish lira was little changed against the US dollar and the euro today after the nation’s central bank made a surprise decision to cut interest rates, including the key Marginal Funding Rate.