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The Turkish lira is the currency of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (recognized only by Turkey). The new Turkish lira was introduced in 2005, dropping 6 zeros from the old lira. Turkey is one of the major world producers of agricultural commodities and steel.

Turkish Lira News Archive

Turkish Lira Rallies After Erdogan’s Victory in Presidential Election

The Turkish lira rallied today after victory of Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the presidential election.

Turkish Lira Surges After Interest Rate Hike

The Turkish lira jumped sharply today after the Turkish central bank performed an emergency interest rate hike following data that showed accelerating inflation.

Turkish Lira Continues to Slide Despite Central Bank’s Efforts

The Turkish lira continued to slide today despite efforts from the nation’s central bank to stem the currency’s depreciation.

Turkish Lira Crashes to Record Low

The Turkish lira crashed today, sinking 5% to the record low before recovering a bit. The currency still trades far below the opening level.

Lira Slumps amid Tensions Between USA & Turkey

The Turkish lira slumped against the US dollar as relationships between the United States and Turkey deteriorated after the arrest of a US consulate worker.

Turkish Lira Stable After Central Banks Maintains Tight Policy

The Turkish lira was stable against the US dollar after Turkey’s central bank decided at today’s meeting to keep interest rates unchanged.

Turkish Lira Weakens amid Complicated Environment

The Turkish lira fell against the US dollar today as complicated environment makes it hard for the central bank to support the currency.

Turkish Lira Drops amid Credit Rating Worries

The Turkish lira dropped today ahead of the credit rating decision by Fitch Ratings that may lead to Turkey losing its investment grade.

Turkey’s Central Bank Raises Interest Rates, Lira Unimpressed

The Turkish lira slid today even though Turkey’s central bank raised some of its interest rates, including the key Marginal Funding Rate.

Turkish Lira Reverses Rally, Falling vs. US Dollar

The Turkish lira fell against the US dollar today, prompting the government to threaten actions against speculators that drive the currency down.