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Technical analysis of the news events that affect the course of the exchange rates helps traders by complementing the normal fundamental view of the situation. The posts below will be useful to get the understanding of the important exchange rate levels for currency pairs, which can then be used for calculating entry and exit points for trading based off the actual Forex news.

Technical Analysis News Archive

Next Move for AUD/JPY After Revisiting 74.96

By confirming 76.00 as resistance and revisiting 74.96 the price opens the door to very interesting possibilities.

NZD/CAD to Test the Important 0.8692 Weekly Level

The pair could have a place to recover from, but the current context might just favor the continuation of the descent.

AUD/JPY Might Revisit 74.96

As the bulls tried to conquer the 76.02 level, the bears managed to turn the appreciation in their favor, causing a descent that can be considered a confirmation of the level as a resistance.

AUD/USD Might Prepare for a New Descent

The Australian dollar versus the US dollar is just in the right spot for the bears to begin a new descent.

AUD/NZD Facing a Dilemma at the Important 1.0546 Support

The Australian dollar versus the New Zealand dollar currency pair is caught in between the bullish and bearish plans, with both parties being of equal strength right now.

Support Level of 108.00 on USD/JPY Might Give Way

The descent on the US dollar versus the Japanese yen reached the important target of 108.12, a level that represents a weekly support area. But certain factors point to the fact that, this time, the support might would not hold its ground.

Bears Triumph on CAD/JPY

After the bulls failed to mark their presence in the market, the bears took a decisive move and brought the price under 81.30.

USD/JPY in a Bearish Profile from 110.62

The US dollar versus the Japanese yen currency pair tried to establish an ascending move, but to no avail as the 110.27 resistance is heavily defended by the bears.

Bulls Back in the Loop on NZD/CAD

The New Zealand dollar versus the Canadian dollar appreciated after confirming the important weekly 0.8692 support.

AUD/USD at the Important 0.6858 Historical Level

The Australian dollar versus the US dollar currency pair consolidates just above the major support represented by 0.6858. So, what will happen here decides the fate of the pair for quite some while from now on.