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Technical analysis of the news events that affect the course of the exchange rates helps traders by complementing the normal fundamental view of the situation. The posts below will be useful to get the understanding of the important exchange rate levels for currency pairs, which can then be used for calculating entry and exit points for trading based off the actual Forex news.

Technical Analysis News Archive

After the Strong Appreciation on AUD/NZD

The Australian dollar versus the New Zealand dollar etched the new high of 2019, and this makes possible even more positive expectations.

USD/JPY Reached the 112 Target

The US dollar versus Japanese yen managed to use the 110 area as a support and jump to 112, opening new possibilities.

AUD/USD Trying to Make Important Changes

The Australian dollar versus the US dollar got to an area that surprises the bears, which were convinced that they have the market on their side.

GBP/CAD Indecisive

The Great Britain pound vs. the Canadian dollar seems to have stalled at an important resistance, but does not show signs of willingness to give up without another try.

EUR/CAD Caught Between Two Levels

The advance of the euro vs. Canadian dollar is postponed by the indecision that came to be after the pair fell between the lines of two significant levels.

Hidden False Break on GBP/AUD

The recent break of the 1.8457 support area on the Great Britain pound vs. Australian dollar has the trails of an unsustainable move for the bears.

AUD/JPY Again at the Edge of the Flat

The Australian dollar vs. Japanese yen is developing at the resistance area where all the peaks of 2019 had formed. Of course, what will it do this time is the most interesting part of all.

Big Test for Canadian Dollar vs. Japanese Yen

On CAD/JPY, the price managed to rally to an area which not only served as a solid support in the second half of 2018, but also primed as an important boundary since the earliest times of the pair.

The Australian Dollar Trying Its Best Against the Canadian Dollar

Even though the Australian dollar succeeded in extending above the important 0.9483 resistance level, it closed the week under this area. Surprisingly, this week gapped above it for a considerable amount of pips.

AUD/NZD Is Sitting in a Very Interesting Spot

The decline of the New Zealand dollar versus the Australian dollar dragged the currency pair at the resistance of an established descending trend.