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New Taiwan Dollar TWD


Detailed information and fundamental factors

Central Bank: Central Bank of the Republic of China

Interest Rate: 1.125%

Public Debt to GDP Ratio, 2020: 35.6%

Trade Balance, 2017: $72 bln.

Inflation, 2017: 1%

Sovereign Credit Ratings:


Supporting Factors

Major industrial exporter


Factors of Weakness

Possible military intervention by China

The Taiwan dollar (also known as New Taiwan dollar) is the official currency of the Taiwan Area of the Republic of China. It replaced the old currency in 1949, but the official nation’s currency was the Chinese Nationalist yuan. The Taiwan dollar became an official currency of Taiwan in 2000.

Taiwan Dollar News Archive

Interest Rate Cut Pushes Taiwan Dollar Lower

Today, Taiwan’s central bank cut interest rates for the first time in six years. This pushed the Taiwan dollar lower versus the US dollar, though the fall was not very big.

Taiwan Dollar Unable to Hold Ground vs. US Counterpart

The Taiwan dollar fell today on concerns that foreign investors will abandon local assets because of expectations of higher interest rates in the United States. Other currencies of emerging markets were also under pressure though some of them showed resilience.

Taiwan Dollar Joins Yen in Rally

The Taiwan dollar rose a little today, trading near the highest level in one week. The currency advanced as the Japanese yen rallied and the US dollar retreated, potentially helping nation’s exports.

Taiwan Dollar Gains on Capital Inflows

The Taiwan dollar advanced today on speculations that capital inflows into Taiwan’s economy will prompt the central bank to refrain from an intervention even as the currency appreciates.

Taiwan Dollar Profits from US Economic Woes

The Taiwan dollar rose today, joining the rally of other riskier currencies, amid speculations that signs of faltering economic recovery in the United States will force the Federal Reserve to keep interest rates low for a longer period of time than was previously thought.

Taiwan Dollar Rallies as Growth Makes Currency Attractive

The Taiwan dollar rose today and headed to a weekly gain on hoped that economic growth and the rally of nation’s stocks will attract more investors to the emerging economy.

Taiwan Dollar Attempts to Stabilize

The Taiwan dollar rose today on speculation that the currency is going to stabilize after the big drop. Taiwan’s dollar was the weakest among Asian currencies after the Malaysian ringgit.

Taiwan Dollar Suffers from Intervention Speculations

The Taiwan dollar slipped today on concerns that the rally of the currency will spur policy maker to intervene, weakening the currency to protect domestic exporters.

China’s Growth Benefits Taiwan Dollar

The Taiwan dollar strengthened yesterday as signs of robust economic growth in China was helping Asian currencies, attracting investors to the region.

Taiwan Dollar Retreats, Still Near Four-Month High

The Taiwan dollar retreated today, but still traded near the highest level in four months after the US Federal Reserve shook the market by refraining from quantitative easing tampering.