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The Swedish krona is the currency used in Sweden. It was introduced in 1873 when the Scandinavian Monetary Union was formed. The Union was dissolved after the World War I has started in 1914. Sweden, Denmark and Norway decided to retain their currencies, though they were no longer pegged to gold. Sweden introduced a managed float regime in 1992. The country planned to join the eurozone, but a referendum showed that the majority of Swedes were against the introduction of the euro.

Swedish Krona News Archive

Riksbank Cuts Rates, Krona Mixed at Start of Friday’s Trading

The Swedish krona sank yesterday following the bigger-than-expected interest rate cut from the central bank of Sweden. Today, the currency continued to move lower versus the US dollar but rose a bit against the euro.

Swedish Krona Dips After Riksbank Announcement, Bounces Later

Sweden’s central bank decided at today’s meeting to leave its interest rates unchanged but to expand the size of the asset purchase program. The Swedish krona dipped initially after the announcement but bounced as of now.

Swedish Krona Bounces After Thursday’ s Drop

The Swedish krona bounced today following yesterday’s drop by 1 percent. The decline followed the surprise decision of the nation’s central bank to cut its repo rate even deeper into negative territory.

Sweden Joins ‘Negative Interest Rates Club’

The Swedish krona dropped against the US dollar today after the nation’s central bank joined some other central banks of Europe (including the European Central Bank and the Swiss National Bank) in implementing negative interest rates. The krona attempted to stay flat against the euro but fell as well recently.

Riksbank Slashes Repo Rate to Zero, Krona Slumps

The Swedish krona dropped today after Sweden’s central bank decided to reduce its main repo rate to the absolute minimum in an effort to spur inflation that was below the bank’s target for a long time.

Swedish Krona Drops as Deflation Worsens

The Swedish krona dropped today as data revealed that deflation worsened last month in Sweden, increasing probability of monetary easing from the nation’s central bank.

Swedish Krona Rises, Ignoring QE Talks

The Swedish krona rose today despite speculations about possibility on quantitative easing from the nation’s central bank. The positive market sentiment was likely responsible for gains of the currency.

Riksbank Surprises with Big Interest Rate Cut, Swedish Krona Plunges

The Swedish krona crashed today as the nation’s central bank cut its repo rate more than analysts have expected and promised to keep it low till the end of the next year. The bank also cut its growth and inflation estimates.

Krona Falls Even as Swedish Consumer Confidence Improves

The Swedish krona fell today even as Sweden’s consumer confidence rose this month. The currency logged losses as some other indicators, including the ones for the economic tendency and manufacturing, worsened.

Krona Rallies as Sweden Exits Deflation

The Swedish krona rallied today as the country’s economy exited deflation, while the number of employed persons continued to grow, suggesting that the economy fares well.