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The Russian ruble is the currency of the Russian Federation, while currencies called “ruble” were also used in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. The currency faced a massive devaluation, leading to a redenomination in 1998. The Russian ruble relies on export of crude oil. Therefore the ruble’s performance depends on prices for the commodity.

Russian Ruble News Archive

Ruble Gains with Crude Oil Prices

The Russian ruble rose against the US dollar with the help of rising crude oil prices. Comments from Russian President Vladimir Putin perhaps also played a part in the ruble’s rally.

Russian Ruble Gains as Manufacturing Slows Decline, Erases Rally

The Russian ruble gained today as a report released during the current trading session showed that the nation’s slowed its decline last month. The currency has not been able to keep gains, though, and trades below the opening level currently.

Ruble Pulls Back After Massive Gains

The Russian ruble fell on Friday, dragged down by falling crude oil prices. Today’s drop followed yesterday’s massive gains that were also caused by moves of prices for crude.

Russian Ruble Sink on Monday

The Russian ruble sank on Monday against the US dollar and the euro but remained well above the all-time lows. On Tuesday, the currency retained weakness versus the dollar but moved a bit higher against the euro.

Ruble Falls Even as Russia’s Economic Decline Slows

The Russian ruble dropped today even after the report that the sharp decline of Russia’ economy has apparently ended. It looks like investors are still reluctant to come to the country that is under sanctions from the West.

Russian Central Bank Continues Monetary Easing, Ruble Down

The Russian central bank made yet another interest rate cut today but warned that the pace of monetary policy easing may slow in the future. The Russian ruble fell after the central bank’s decision.

Bank of Russia Cuts Key Rate, Sending Ruble Down

The Russian ruble dropped today after the central bank made a decision to reduce its key rate as inflation pressure abated. The ruble was strengthening lately following the earlier plunge due to sanctions from the United States and the European Union.

Bank of Russia Makes Surprise Interest Rate Cut, Ruble Sinks

The Russian ruble plunged today after the Bank of Russia made a surprise decision to cut its key interest rate. The cut was rather significant though not as big as the interest rate hike in December.

Ruble Drops as Conflict in Ukraine Escalates

The Russian ruble slumped today as escalation of the conflict in Ukraine led to the threat of additional sanctions against Russia, making it very risky for traders to buy Russian asses.

Ruble Halts Its Impressive Rally

The Russian ruble sank today, halting it biggest weekly rally in 16 years. The drop was substantial though it did not erase the weekly gain completely.