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The Polish zloty is the official currency of Poland. It has a history dating back to the Middle Ages, but the most recent version of the currency was introduced in 1995 as a result of a redenomination of the old currency. Poland, as a member of the European Union, is expected to introduce the euro as an official currency, but there is no set date and it is not likely to occur in the near future.

Polish Zloty News Archive

Weaker Zloty Good for Polish Economy

The Polish zloty fell against the US dollar today as the market sentiment soured, making riskier currencies of emerging economies less attractive. This may be not that bad in the long run, at least for those Polish policy makers that want the currency to be lower.

Poland’s Central Bank Cuts Interest Rates, Zloty Weakens vs. Dollar

Poland’s central bank decided to perform an interest rate cut today, reducing all of its borrowing costs by half of a percentage point. Such decision resulted in a drop of the Polish zloty against the US dollar. The currency was still stronger than the euro.

Polish Zloty Falls on Concerns about Russia’s Troubles

The Polish zloty fell today on concerns that economic troubles in Russia may spread to other Eastern European countries. Yet analysts argue that the future does not necessarily looks bleak for the currency.

Polish Zloty Falls, While Officials Expect Appreciation

The zloty fell today, but Polish officials are concerned that the currency may yet strengthen due to the extremely accommodative policy of the European Central Bank, threatening the nation’s economic wellbeing.

Polish Zloty Rises Following NBP Decision

The Polish zloty rose today even as the nation’s central bank left interest rates unchanged. Some analysts say that policy makers are reluctant to tighten monetary policy because they are afraid that geopolitical risks could derail Poland’s economic recovery. Still, the central bank’s outlook is relatively optimistic.

Zloty Falls as Poland Considers Entering Eurozone

Poland is again considering shifting from the zloty to the euro as the crisis in Ukraine makes Polish politicians and people nervous. The zloty declined today.

Polish Growth Accelerates, Increases Attractiveness of Zloty

The Polish zloty gained today as nation’s economic growth is accelerating, demonstrating that the economy is on track to recovery. The data suggests that an interest rate hike may happen very soon, adding to the attractiveness of the currency.

Polish Zloty Weakens as NBP Keeps Interest Rates Record Low

The Polish zloty declined today after the nation’s central bank kept interest rates unchanged at the record low level for the fifth consecutive meeting.

Zloty Remains Soft as NBP Pledges Keep Interest Rates Low

The Polish zloty was soft today after the nation’s central bank left interest rates at record low yesterday and pledged to keep monetary policy extremely accommodative for a prolonged period of time.

Polish Zloty Falls as Inflation Decelerates

The Polish zloty fell today as nation’s inflation decelerated last month, giving the central bank incentive to keep interest rates at the current record low level.