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The New Zealand dollar is the currency that is used in New Zealand, as well as in the Cook Islands, Niue, Tokelau, and the Pitcairn Islands. It is often nicknamed “kiwi”. The currency replaced the New Zealand pound in 1967. It is about 10th most-traded currency in the world and is often used in carry trade because of relatively high interest rates in New Zealand. The major industry of New Zealand is agriculture, wool, meat and dairy products being the most important components of the sector. Australia is the main trading partner of New Zealand and China is the second-biggest.

New Zealand Dollar News Archive

NZ Dollar Rallies vs. US Dollar in Thursday’s Trading

The New Zealand rose against its US peer today. While domestic macroeconomic data was good, it had little impact on the New Zealand currency, and the likely reason for its rally versus the greenback was the weakness of the US currency itself.

NZ Dollar Drops Despite Improving Business Confidence

The New Zealand dollar declined today. The currency fell even as the business confidence improved, though remained in the negative territory.

NZ Dollar Drops After Trade Balance Turns to Deficit

The New Zealand dollar fell today following the release of New Zealand’s trade data overnight even though the report was better than forecasts.

Positive Retail Sales Data Doesn’t Help NZD Overcome Weakness

Commodity currencies were generally weak today. That translated to the New Zealand dollar even though domestic macroeconomic data was very good.

NZ Dollar Gains on Rivals, Fails to Hold Ground vs. US Dollar

The New Zealand dollar behaved similarly to its Australian counterpart, rising at the start of today’s session, slumping afterwards, but recovering later. As a result, the kiwi maintained gains versus some of its rivals, though was unable to hold ground against the US dollar.

NZ Dollar Halts Rally After Manufacturing Data, Resumes Rise Later

The New Zealand dollar started a rally by the end of the previous trading session and extended it today. While the kiwi had halted the advance after the release of the manufacturing data, the currency has resumed its upward movement afterwards.

NZ Dollar Bounce After Decline Caused by China’s Data

The New Zealand dollar fell today following the release of reports that showed slower growth of both consumer and producer prices in China, New Zealand’s biggest trading partner. Yet the currency managed to bounce and is now trading either at or above the opening levels versus its most-traded rivals.

NZ Dollar Soft After RBNZ Meeting, Tries to Crawl Back

The New Zealand dollar started the current trading session soft following the monetary policy meeting of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand at the end of the previous session. But the currency managed to trim losses against some rivals by now and erase them outright against others.

NZ Dollar Gets Boost from Employment Data, Struggles to Keep Gains

The New Zealand dollar climbed at the start of the current trading session following the release of surprisingly good employment data at the end of the previous session. But the currency has trimmed its gains against some rivals and lost them against others by now.

NZ Dollar Falls with Building Permits

The New Zealand dollar fell today against most-traded counterparts, including the US dollar, against which the kiwi was rising during the previous three trading sessions.