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The New Zealand dollar is the currency that is used in New Zealand, as well as in the Cook Islands, Niue, Tokelau, and the Pitcairn Islands. It is often nicknamed “kiwi”. The currency replaced the New Zealand pound in 1967. It is about 10th most-traded currency in the world and is often used in carry trade because of relatively high interest rates in New Zealand. The major industry of New Zealand is agriculture, wool, meat and dairy products being the most important components of the sector. Australia is the main trading partner of New Zealand and China is the second-biggest.

New Zealand Dollar News Archive

NZD Lower vs. USD, Stable vs. Other Majors Ahead of RBNZ

The New Zealand dollar traded lower against its US counterpart today, but was stable against other majors. Traders were waiting for tomorrow’s policy decision of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

Amazing Jobs Data Allows NZ Dollar Overcome Negative Fundamentals

The New Zealand dollar rallied against its most-traded peers today thanks to amazing jobs data. It allowed the currency to overcome negative fundamentals, which could have weighed on the kiwi otherwise.

NZ Dollar Falls After Economic Data from New Zealand & China

The New Zealand dollar fell today due to negative macroeconomic data released during the current trading session in New Zealand and the country’s major trading partner, China.

NZ Dollar Falls as Trade Deficit Refuses to Shrink

The New Zealand dollar fell today as the nation’s trade balance deficit was almost unchanged last month even though economists had promised it to shrink.

NZ Dollar Falls After Rally as New Government Outlines Policies

The New Zealand dollar was rather volatile during today’s otherwise calm trading. The currency rallied at first, but pulled back later after the new coalition government outlined their policies and plans.

NZD/USD Tumbles Almost 2% as New Zealand Coalition Government Forms

The New Zealand dollar tumbled almost 2% against its US peer and more than 2% against such currencies as the euro and the Japanese yen. The reason was the slump was the news that the leftist Labour Party joined with the populist right-wing New Zealand First party to form a coalition government.

NZ Dollar Edges Up After Inflation Accelerates Beyond Expectations

The New Zealand dollar traded a little bit higher against some of its rivals, like the US dollar, while against others, like the euro, it demonstrated more significant gains. One of the possible reasons for the rally was higher-than-expected inflation.

NZ Dollar Gains as Manufacturing Sector Continues to Grow

The New Zealand dollar rose today despite the report that showed slower growth of New Zealand’s manufacturing sector.

NZ Dollar Fails to Hold Gains After RBNZ Policy Meeting

The New Zealand dollar attempted to rally during the Asian trading session but failed to hold onto gains and is trading near the opening level as of now.

NZ Dollar Under Pressure from Election Outcome, Poor Data

The New Zealand dollar fell for the second consecutive day today, driven down by the outcome of the weekend general election as well as today’s macroeconomic data that was extremely poor.