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New Zealand Dollar NZD


Detailed information and fundamental factors

Central Bank: Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Interest Rate: 0.25%

Public Debt to GDP Ratio, 2020: 48%

Trade Balance, 2019: $0.3 bln.

Inflation, 2019: 1.6%

Sovereign Credit Ratings:


Supporting Factors

Major commodity exporter


The New Zealand dollar is the currency that is used in New Zealand, as well as in the Cook Islands, Niue, Tokelau, and the Pitcairn Islands. It is often nicknamed “kiwi”. The currency replaced the New Zealand pound in 1967. It is about 10th most-traded currency in the world and is often used in carry trade because of relatively high interest rates in New Zealand. The major industry of New Zealand is agriculture, wool, meat and dairy products being the most important components of the sector. Australia is the main trading partner of New Zealand and China is the second-biggest.

New Zealand Dollar News Archive

Bulls Targeting 1.0826 on AUD/NZD?

The Australian versus the New Zealand dollar currency pair seems to have been taken by from the bearish hands. Will the bulls be able to maintain the momentum?

Bears Took Over on AUD/NZD from 1.0826?

The Australian versus the New Zealand dollar currency pair seems to be in a spot to the bearish liking. Are the bulls taking a pause?

NZ Dollar Soft After Retail Sales Miss Expectations

The New Zealand dollar was soft today, falling against the majority of its most-traded peers, though managing to gain on some of them. Today’s macroeconomic data in New Zealand did not show a clear picture of the nation’s economic wellbeing, thus failing to support the kiwi.

Outlook for NZ Dollar Ahead of First RBNZ Policy Meeting in 2021

The New Zealand dollar started the week as the strongest most-traded currency on the Forex market thanks to the upgrade of the nation’s credit rating by Standard & Poor’s. What other factors will be influencing the New Zealand currency and what traders should watch for during the rest of the week?

NZ Dollar Strongest After S&P Upgrades Credit Rating

The New Zealand dollar was the strongest among the most-traded currencies on the Forex market today after Standard & Poor’s upgraded New Zealand’s credit ratings with a stable outlook.

New Zealand PPI Data Positive, NZ Dollar Among Strongest

Commodity currencies were among the strongest on the Forex market during Friday’s trading, with the New Zealand dollar outperforming all other most-traded counterparts, except for the Australian dollar. Domestic macroeconomic data released overnight was largely positive but did not give the New Zealand currency a noticeable boost.

Bears Tried to Step In on AUD/NZD from 1.0773

The Australian versus the New Zealand dollar currency pair seems to be under some bearish pressure. Is this the end of the rally that commenced from the firm area of 1.0551, or it’s just the bulls taking a well-deserved break?

New Zealand Dollar Soft After Services Sector Demonstrates Accelerating Contraction

The New Zealand dollar was rather soft today, opening sharply lower and struggling to regain its footing. That is despite the market sentiment that was supportive of riskier currencies linked to commodities, such as the New Zealand dollar. Domestic macroeconomic data was negative for the kiwi.

NZ Dollar Weakest Despite Strong Economic Data

The New Zealand dollar was extremely weak today despite positive domestic macroeconomic data. In fact, the kiwi fell against all of its most-traded rivals. Furthermore, the New Zealand currency was one of the weakest for the week.

AUD/NZD Toward the 1.0707 Area

The Australian versus the New Zealand dollar currency pair seems to be determined to reach 1.0707. Are the bulls really up to the job?