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The Mexican peso is the currency of Mexico, while it has also limited use in border areas of the United States. The modern version of the currency was introduced in 1993, replacing the old currency that had faced a massive devaluation. Mexico’s peso is the most-traded currency in Latin America. The Mexican economy is export oriented. Most of the country’s exports go to the United States and Canada.

Mexican Peso News Archive

Mexico’s Slowing Growth Makes Peso Less Attractive

The Mexican peso fell against the US dollar today as Mexico’s economy disappointed economists, growing slower than analysts had anticipated.

Mexican Peso Touches Record Low vs. Dollar

The Mexican peso declined today, reaching the all-time low versus the US dollar, as risk aversion continued to dominate markets and crude oil extended its decline, hurting currencies associated with risk.

Interest Rate Hike Fails to Support Mexican Peso

The Mexican peso was volatile today after yesterday’s interest rate hike from the nation’s central bank that has boosted the currency for a little while.

Mexican Peso Near Weakest Rate in Month

The Mexican peso followed other risky currencies of emerging markets in decline today as wide-spread risk aversion made investors prefer safer options.

Mexican Peso Bounces from Record Low

The Mexican peso rose today after touching the lowest level on the record earlier. Unsurprisingly, the reason for the drop was the risk-aversion sentiment that followed the Greek referendum over the weekend.

Mexican Peso Suffers from Risk Aversion Caused by Greece

The Mexican peso fell against the US dollar today as the debt crisis in Greece made traders unwilling to buy riskier currencies of emerging economies. The currency bounced from the daily low as of now but is still trading below the opening level.

Mexican Peso Drops, Some Investors Remain Bullish

The Mexican peso fell today against the US dollar but some investors remain very bullish on the currency, hoping that the growth of the US economy will benefit the peso.

Mexican Peso Weakens Below 14 per Dollar

The Mexican peso fell today, weakening past 14 per dollar for the first time since 2012. The currency declined on concerns that falling oil prices will deter investments in the country’s economy.

Mexican Peso Ends Trading with Losses

The Mexican peso ended the Friday’s trading session with losses as Brazil’s budget deficit widened to a record, increasing chances for a credit rating downgrade. The currency dropped even as the central bank refrained from an interest rate cut.

Mexican Peso Gains on Interest Rate Outlook

The Mexican peso rose today on speculations that the nation’s central bank will not cut interest rates further as the economy is expected to growth with an increasing pace in the future.