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The Mexican peso is the currency of Mexico, while it has also limited use in border areas of the United States. The modern version of the currency was introduced in 1993, replacing the old currency that had faced a massive devaluation. Mexico’s peso is the most-traded currency in Latin America. The Mexican economy is export oriented. Most of the country’s exports go to the United States and Canada.

Mexican Peso News Archive

Mexican Peso Extends Slump Despite Interest Rate Hike

The recent slump of the Mexican peso, which followed the unexpected outcome of the US presidential elections prompted the central bank of Mexico to raise interest rates yesterday. But that did not help the currency much, and it continued its drop today.

Mexican Peso Extends Slump After Trump Wins Presidency

The Mexican peso tanked after Republican candidate Donald Trump won the US presidential elections, and the currency continued sinking today.

Mexican Peso Surges as FBI Finds No Crime in Hillary’s Emails

The Mexican peso climbed today after the Federal Bureau of Investigation said that it found no evidence of crime in Hillary Clinton’s emails, boosting her chances for victory in the US presidential elections.

Mexican Peso Soars After Second US Presidential Debates

The Mexican peso rallied today after the second US presidential debates ended and it looked like chances for victory in the race remained in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Mexican Peso Little Changed After Current Account Gap Increases

The Mexican peso was little changed against the US dollar at the start of Friday’s trading after the release of a current account report on Thursday that showed an increase of a deficit.

Mexican Peso Drops Following Interest Rate Hike

The Mexican peso trades below the opening level as of now even though the nation’s central bank made a bigger interest rate hike than experts had predicted.

Mexican Peso Drops amid Unfavorable Market Sentiment

The Mexican peso dropped against the US dollar today as the market sentiment was detrimental to risky assets of emerging markets.

Mexico’s Slowing Growth Makes Peso Less Attractive

The Mexican peso fell against the US dollar today as Mexico’s economy disappointed economists, growing slower than analysts had anticipated.

Mexican Peso Touches Record Low vs. Dollar

The Mexican peso declined today, reaching the all-time low versus the US dollar, as risk aversion continued to dominate markets and crude oil extended its decline, hurting currencies associated with risk.

Interest Rate Hike Fails to Support Mexican Peso

The Mexican peso was volatile today after yesterday’s interest rate hike from the nation’s central bank that has boosted the currency for a little while.