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The Mexican peso is the currency of Mexico, while it has also limited use in border areas of the United States. The modern version of the currency was introduced in 1993, replacing the old currency that had faced a massive devaluation. Mexico’s peso is the most-traded currency in Latin America. The Mexican economy is export oriented. Most of the country’s exports go to the United States and Canada.

Mexican Peso News Archive

Mexican Peso Climbs on Credit Rating

The Mexican Peso climbed to a 2-month high after Moody’s stated that the country has a stable outlook for investments, erasing speculations that the country would be downgraded for the first time since 1995.

Mexican Peso Posts Second Weekly Gain on Economic Optimism

The Mexican currency posted another week of gains versus its main trading partner’s currency, the U.S. dollar, as emergent-market currencies profited on higher confidence among traders.

Mexican Peso Falls Again on Crude Oil

Mexico is, together with Canada, one of the main energy suppliers for the United States energy demands, and its national currency, the peso, fell again today as the crude oil declined in New York.

Mexican Peso Declines Further on Economic Outlook

The Mexican currency, highly dependent on its main trading partner, the United States, posted a sixth day of losses against the greenback on concerns that the economy in the region will not rebound as soon as forecasts predicted.

Mexican Peso Down After Elections

The Mexican currency and stocks went down this Monday after the confirmation that President Calderon’s party lost midterm elections, raising concerns that reforms needed to stimulate the Mexican economy will not be implemented.

Mexican Peso Ends Week Down on Poor Economic Data

The Mexican peso, a currency which is highly dependent on United States economic conditions, had the first decline in three weeks as American unemployment figures increased concerns regarding the nation’s recession depth.

Mexican Peso Rises on U.S. Manufacturing Numbers

The Mexican peso had a positive performance today as U.S. manufacturing shrank at a slower pace, adding confidence that the U.S. recession might be ending.