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The Malaysian ringgit is the currency of Malaysia. It was previously called “Malaysian dollar” and was introduced in 1967. The currency was pegged to the US dollar, but Malaysia ended the dollar-peg after China had made the same move.

Malaysian Ringgit News Archive

Malaysian Ringgit Suffers from Lower Oil Prices

The Malaysian ringgit dropped for the third straight session today on concerns that the drop of oil prices will hurt the trade balance of the oil-exporting country.

Malaysian Ringgit Drops as US Jobs Growth Fuels Rate Hike Speculations

The Malaysian ringgit fell today, touching the lowest level since September 2009 against the US dollar, as the huge increase of US employment fueled speculations that the Federal Reserve will increase interest rates in the near future.

Ringgit Heads to Biggest Weekly Decline Since 2013

The Malaysian ringgit dipped today as falling crude oil prices threatened the nation’s economy. Strength of the US dollar also had a negative impact on the currency’s performance. The ringgit headed to the biggest weekly decline since September 2013.

Ringgit Profits from Fed Minutes

The Malaysian ringgit, as well as most other currencies, continued to gain against the US dollar at today’s trading session after yesterday’s policy minutes from the Federal Reserve hurt the appeal of the greenback.

Malaysian Central Bank Keeps Rates on Hold, Ringgit Drops

The Malaysian ringgit fell today, heading to the biggest weekly drop since August, after the nation’s central bank refrained from changing its monetary policy and kept the benchmark Overnight Policy Rate unchanged.

Malaysian Ringgit Retains Losses After ECB Surprise

Most risky currencies fell yesterday after the surprise interest rate cut from the European Central Bank, and the Malaysian ringgit was among them. Today, the Forex market is still shaken, meaning that the yesterday’s trends remain in place.

Ringgit Retreats vs. Dollar, Retains Optimistic Prospects

The Malaysian ringgit retreated a bit against the US dollar today after the initial rally, but analysts still have a positive outlook for the currency due to Malaysia’s accelerating economic growth and expectations of an interest rate hike.

Market Sentiment Doesn’t Favor Risk, Ringgit Suffers

The Malaysian ringgit fell today as risk aversion eroded the appeal of higher-yielding currencies associated with risk. The market sentiment was hurt by prospects of early monetary tightening from the Federal Reserve.

Malaysian Ringgit Suffers from Geopolitical Risks

The Malaysian ringgit dropped today, leading other Asian currencies in decline, as geopolitical tensions made Forex market traders reluctant to buy riskier assets of emerging markets.

Ringgit Struggles Even After Central Bank Raises OPR

The Malaysian ringgit climbed against the euro today after the central bank lifted its benchmark Overnight Policy Rate for the first time in more than three years, signaling about optimistic outlook for the nation’s economy. The currency struggles to maintain the rally and remained below the opening level against the US dollar.