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Japanese Yen JPY


Detailed information and fundamental factors

Central Bank: Bank of Japan

Public Debt to GDP Ratio, 2017: 223.8%

Trade Balance, 2017: $57.6 bln.

Inflation, 2017: 0.4%

Sovereign Credit Ratings:


Supporting Factors

Global reserve currency


Safe haven currency


Factors of Weakness

Loose monetary policy


Frequent currency interventions


The yen is the official currency of Japan. It was introduced in 1871 and allowed to freely float at 1973. The yen is the third major reserve currency after the dollar and the euro. The yen is considered a safe currency; therefore it is sought by traders in times of uncertainty and instability. Low interest rates in Japan (near zero), combined with high liquidity of the currency, make the yen used in the practice called carry trade.

Japanese Yen News Archive

Japanese Yen Finds Direction As Investors Show Currency Is ‘Undervalued’

The Japanese yen is continuing to find direction at the end of the trading week as analysts say that the currency is “undervalued.” As the market fears over the Turkish crisis dissipate, several currencies are looking to gain some momentum in this volatile environment, and one of them might be the yen.

Japanese Yen Soft As Turkish Fears Ease

The Japanese yen was soft today as markets calmed after fears of the Turkish financial crisis eased. With that said, the currency trimmed losses against some of its rivals and erased them against the euro completely.

Japanese Yen Gains on Risk Aversion, Positive Data

The Japanese yen gained today amid risk aversion caused by international tensions around the world. Domestic macroeconomic data, while usually having a limited impact on the currency, was also supportive.

Japanese Yen Affected by Balance of Payments, Looks Ahead to GDP Data

The Japanese yen tumbled midweek after the country’s balance of payments for June missed market forecasts. Investors will now look ahead to Japan’s second quarter gross domestic product (GDP) numbers to find direction in the currency.

Japanese Yen Rallies As US-China Trade Conflict Heats Up

The Japanese yen rallied today as US-China trade tensions suddenly flared up, driving market participants to seek safety.

Japanese Yen Plunges As BOJ Maintains Ultraloose Monetary Policy

The Japanese yen continued to plummet against the US dollar and a basket of other currencies. After the Bank of Japan (BOJ) maintained its ultraloose monetary policy, surprising international markets, the currency continued its sluggish performance over the last five trading sessions.

Japanese Yen Drops After Uneventful BoJ Meeting

The Japanese yen fell against all of its major rivals today. While domestic macroeconomic data was certainly unhelpful, the biggest reason for the drop was the uneventful Bank of Japan policy meeting.

Japanese Yen Trades Lower After Retail Sales Beat Expectations

The Japanese yen opened slightly above the Friday’s close today but has declined by now. Japan’s retail sales beat expectations but, as it often happens, the currency had muted reaction to domestic data.

Japanese Yen Keeps Its Place Among Strongest Currencies

The Japanese yen was among the strongest currencies today following the domestic economic releases, which were better-than-expected.

Japanese Yen Extends Rally, Ignoring Domestic Data

The Japanese yen rose today, retaining its place as one of the strongest currencies on the Forex market, despite underwhelming domestic data. That was not particularly surprising, though, as the currency often ignores domestic data in favor of other fundamentals.