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The Israel new shekel is the official currency of the State of Israel. It was introduced in 1986, replacing the old currency. The currency is not produced in Israel itself. Coins are produced in South Korea, while banknotes are printed in Switzerland. The Israel currencies were historically weak, but the new currency profited from the growing nation’s economy and the careful fiscal and monetary policy. As a result, the shekel has appreciated about 20 percent against the US dollar in the first decade of 21st century. The currency has been available for free exchange since 2003 and for derivative trading on the CME since 2006.

Israeli New Shekel News Archive


Bank of Israel Leaves Rates Unchanged, Shekel Flat

The Israeli new shekel was little changed today after Bank of Israel left interest rates unchanged yesterday. The currency may yet decline on speculation that the central bank will cut the rate in the near future.

Shekel Gains on Monetary Policy Outlook, Retreats

The Israeli new shekel weakened a little today against the US dollar. Earlier, the currency gained on hopes that central banks would spur economic growth, while the central bank of Israel itself would keep its monetary policy unchanged. The currency rose versus the euro.

Shekel Rebounds as Central Bank Holds Interest Rates

The Israeli new shekel rebounded today after earlier drop versus the US dollar as the nation’s central bank maintained its key interest rate and predicted that the country’s economy will expand next year.

Sheqel Gains on Interest Rates Swaps

The Israeli New Sheqel rose today as the difference between Israel’s and the US interest rates attracted investors to the currency.

Israel’s Sheqel Falls on Dollar Purchase Speculations

The Israeli currency had the sharpest fall in 4 months today as the government is likely to increase a dollar purchasing program to stimulate the national currency.