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The Indonesian rupiah is the official currency of Indonesia. Domestically, it is nicknamed “perak” (“silver” in Indonesian). The currency was first introduced in 1946. The government has long-term plans to redenominate the rupiah because of huge devaluation of the currency.

Indonesian Rupiah News Archive


Rupiah Falls on Current Account Outlook & Political Uncertainty

The Indonesian rupiah fell today on speculations that the nation’s current-account deficit widened in the past quarter. Political uncertainty in Indonesia was also eroding the appeal of the currency.

Indonesian Rupiah Shrugs Off Negative Sentiment

The Indonesian rupiah advanced with help of positive domestic fundamentals today, shrugging off the negative market sentiment caused by expectations of continuous quantitative easing tapering from the US Federal Reserve.

Indonesian Rupiah Jumps as Current-Account Shortfall Narrows

Narrowing Indonesia’s current-account deficit and stable monetary policy of the central bank allowed the rupiah to gain today, demonstrating the biggest jump in a month and exceeding the 12,000 per dollar level for the first time this year.

Rupiah Suffers from Fears of Capital Outflows & Current Account Deficit

The Indonesian rupiah fell today as the announcement of quantitative easing tapering by the US Federal Reserve spurred capital outflow from the country, leading to concerns that the nation’s current account deficit may widen.

Indonesian Rupiah Falls on Ore Export Ban Concerns

The Indonesian rupiah fell today on concerns that the nation’s current-account deficit will widen after the government will implement the planned ore export ban.

Indonesian Rupiah Drops After Failed Debt Auction

The Indonesian rupiah dropped today after the nation’s debt auction failed and as investors were selling Indonesian assets.

Rupiah Weaker After Fed Minutes

The Indonesian rupiah fell today as the minutes of its latest Federal Reserve monetary policy meeting showed that policy makers were considering reduction of monetary stimulus.

Rupiah Gains as Speculations About Fed Stimulus Persist

The Indonesian rupiah advanced today with the help of the view that the US Federal Reserve will maintain stimulus, making investors more willing to bring money into emerging economies.

Bank Indonesia Raises Interest Rates, Rupiah Does Not React

The Indonesian central bank surprised Forex traders as it raised its interest rates yet again. But the rupiah did not react to the news and was flat versus the US dollar and fell against the euro.

Indonesian Rupiah Rises as China’s PMI Improves Sentiment

The Indonesian rupiah rose a little today as China’s manufacturing index ticked up this month, improving prospects for exports of Indonesia. The positive data improved the market sentiment that was previously negative.