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The Hungarian forint is the currency of Hungary. The modern forint was introduced in 1946, though currencies with this name were known since Medieval. The Hungarian government has a long term goal to replace the currency with the euro.

Hungarian Forint News Archive


Hungarian Forint Declines on Asian Bearish Markets

The Hungarian currency declined together following most of Eastern European countries currencies, as a negative performance in Asian stock markets declined attractiveness for riskier assets, spurring demand for safety in dollar and yen priced assets.

Hungarian Forint Declines on Interest Rate Speculations

The forint is starting this week under pressure falling from the highest level in almost 10 days before the Hungarian central bank meeting today, which is likely to slash the national benchmark interest rate to a record low for the country since the end of the socialist era.

Hungarian Forint Climbs on German Confidence

The Hungarian currency posted significant gains today versus the euro and the dollar after a report in Germany indicated the highest rise in investors’ confidence in the wealthiest country in the European Union during the last three years.

Hungarian Forint Climbs on Tax Cuts

The Hungarian forint, which suffered severe losses as its country plunged in one of the deepest recessions among the European Union member nations, reached a six-month high after the Hungarian tax system will change in order to stimulate the country’s agonizing economy.

Hungarian Central Bank Holds Rate – Forint Drops

Magyar Nemzeti Bank (Hungarian Central Bank) decided today during the Monetary Council’s meeting to hold the main refinancing interest rate at the same level — 7.50%, after the last cut made from 7.75% by MNB on September 25.

Hungary May Abandon Forint Exchange Limits

Hungarian central bank, Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB), will probably find it necessary to bring an end to the limits of the euro/forint rate maximum change (which is at 15% currently) after country’s inflation report for November showed 7.1% growth, while the target inflation rate is just 3.0%.