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The Hungarian forint is the currency of Hungary. The modern forint was introduced in 1946, though currencies with this name were known since Medieval. The Hungarian government has a long term goal to replace the currency with the euro.

Hungarian Forint News Archive


Forint Goes Lower as Borrowing Costs Rise

The Hungarian forint declined today, though it currently attempts to regain strength, as the result of the debt auction wasn’t favorable and the rating agencies downgraded the nation’s credit rating.

Forint Goes Down, More Interest Rate Hikes Expected

The Hungarian forint fell today even though the nation’s central bank increased interest rates, prompting the speculation that more rate hikes will be performed in the future.

Hungarian Forint Rises on Austerity Pledges & Economic Outlook

The Easter European currencies, including the Hungarian forint, were rising today as the improving sentiment about Europe’s economy and the governments’ pledge to cut the budget deficits attracted the foreign funds.

IMF and E.U. Won’t Help — Hungarian Forint at Weekly Low

Following the release of the statement by IMF regarding the financial state of the Hungarian economy, the Hungarian forint fell to the lowest level since July 7 against the U.S. dollar and then rebounded slightly.

Hungarian Forint May Go Down if IMF Reject Loan

The Hungarian forint fluctuated today against the U.S. dollar and may drop lower on the speculation that the discussion between the nation’s government and the International Monetary Fund about the terms of the bailout loan might fail.

Hungarian Forint Gains on Pledge to Avoid Default

The Hungarian forint gained today for the third consecutive day after Hungary’s government pledged to cut the budget shortfall, easing the concerns about the possible default.

Hungarian Forint Gains on Government’s Budget Plans

The Hungarian forint, which dropped previously on the speculations about the possible default in Hungary, strengthened today for a second day after Hungarian government pledged to stick to the budget deficit goal.

Hungarian Forint Falls on Upcoming Budget Crisis

The growing problems of budget deficits are not an exclusivity among EU countries using the Euro, as several of its eastern nations, as in the case of Hungary, have a budget deficit much above the maximum tolerated by the European Central Bank, affecting the nation’s currency performance.

Hungarian Forint Down on Dubai Debt

The Hungarian currency had its sharpest fall in a month after Dubai announced that it’s likely to delay debt payments, declining attractiveness for emergent markets less appealing currencies in Central and Eastern Europe.

Hungarian Forint Up on Chinese Optimism

After Chinese exports shrank at a slower pace according to a report posted today, the Hungarian forint found support in optimism regarding the global economic recovery to climb versus the euro, the U.S. dollar, and several other currencies.