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The Hungarian forint is the currency of Hungary. The modern forint was introduced in 1946, though currencies with this name were known since Medieval. The Hungarian government has a long term goal to replace the currency with the euro.

Hungarian Forint News Archive


Forint Drops as Hungarian Central Bank Cuts Main Interest Rate

The Hungarian forint declined today after the nation’s central bank lowered its main interest rate for 22nd consecutive month, extending the longest monetary-loosening cycle in Europe, and signaled that additional rate cuts are likely.

Hungarian Central Bank Slashes Main Rate, Forint Retains Appeal

The Hungarian forint advanced today even after the nation’s central bank reduced its main interest rate. The bank was not particularly pessimistic despite the interest rate cut, helping the currency to retain its appeal.

Hungarian Forint Weakens as Analysts Anticipate Interest Rate Cut

The Hungarian forint declined today on concerns that the nation’s central bank will continue easing monetary policy even though economists warn that such actions may hurt the health of the country’s economy.

Hungarian Forint Strengthens as Growth Gains Momentum

The Hungarian forint gained today after the report showed that country’s economic growth exceeded forecasts, suggesting that recovery from the last year’s recession is gaining momentum.

Hungarian Forint Drops as Central Bank Performs Interest Rate Cut

The Hungarian forint weakened today after the nation’s central bank performed an interest rate cut yesterday. The general market sentiment was not helping the currency either.

Forint Rises, Heads to Quarterly Gain

The Hungarian forint advanced today as the nation’s current-account balance posted bigger surplus in the last quarter than was expected by specialists.

EUR/HUF Rises After Rate Cut Before Retreating, USD/HUF Stays Lower

The Hungarian forint fell against the euro today as the central bank cut interest rates in order to facilitate economic growth, but has recovered as of now. The currency managed to advance versus the US dollar, but has trouble keeping gains.

Hungarian Forint Drops on Tax Increases & Risk Aversion

The Hungarian forint dropped today as domestic concerns added to the general risk aversion sentiment on the Forex market that was caused by the policy meeting of the Federal Reserve.

Hungarian Forint Rallies, Ending Sell Recommendation from Goldman

The Hungarian forint advanced today, breaking the level above which Goldman Sachs recommended their customers to close sell positions. The breakout added to the upward momentum of the currency.

Forint Climbs as Central Bank Discusses Methods to Spur Growth

The Hungarian forint gained today as the central bank started meeting with commercial lenders to discuss plans to encourage loans and spur economic growth as a result.