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Euro EUR


Detailed information and fundamental factors

Central Bank: European Central Bank

Trade Balance, 2015: $15 bln.

Inflation, 2015: 0.1%

Supporting Factors

Global reserve currency


Currency of international trade


Main objective of the European Central Bank is price stability

Factors of Weakness

Fiscal troubles of the member-countries



The euro is the currency used by institutions of the European Union and 17 of 27 nations of the Union, which is collectively called the eurozone. The currency is also often used in some other countries, including those that are situated near the borders of the eurozone. The currency was officially adopted in 1995, introduced in financial markets in 1999, while coins and banknotes were released in 2001. It is the second popular reserve currency after the US dollar.

Euro News Archive

Euro Stable After Release of European PMIs

The euro was stable today after the release of Purchasing Managers’ Indexes from Markit Economics.

EUR/USD Trades in a Tight Range Despite Positive Eurozone Economic Bulletin

The EUR/USD currency pair today traded in a tight range despite the positive economic report released by European Central Bank during the European session. The US dollar was also flat during today’s session as tracked by the US Dollar Index, which was trading below its opening price of 97.55 for most of the day’s session.

Euro Falls vs. Majors, Beats Vulnerable Pound

The euro fell against most of its major peers today, though managed to gain on the Great Britain pound, which was weakened by the comment’s from the British central bank’s chief.

EUR/USD Trades in a Narrow Range on Empty Dockets

The EUR/USD currency pair today traded in a tight range with minimal movement given the empty US and EU dockets. There were no major factors that could influence the direction of the currency pair, however, the US dollar strengthened against the euro later in today’s session.

Euro Loses Ground Against the US Dollar on Dovish ECB and UK Election Results

The euro today lost significant ground against the US dollar to test new lows for the third day in a row after yesterday’s dovish outlook from the European Central Bank. The currency pair’s decline was also caused by the stronger US dollar after yesterday’s UK general election, which resulted in a hung parliament, as no party won a majority.

Euro Loses Ground Against US Dollar as ECB Maintains Interest Rates Unchanged

The euro lost ground against the US dollar on Thursday after the European Central Bank decided to keep interest rates unchanged after concluding its June’s monetary policy meeting. The shared currency remained stable against the British pound as the market awaited the outcome of a vote that decides Members of Parliament in the United Kingdom.

EUR/USD Trades Lower on Rumors Regarding the ECB’s Inflation Forecast

The EUR/USD currency pair today retreated from its daily highs based on rumors that the European Central Bank would downgrade its inflation forecast at tomorrow’s meeting. The currency pair had risen to a new daily high earlier in the day’s session despite the soft German data released by the Federal Statistical Office, but quickly retraced most of its gains due to the rumor.

Euro Largely Ignores Negative Macroeconomic Data

The euro rallied today, rising against the US dollar and the Japanese yen, as it largely ignored Europe’s macroeconomic indicators that were poor for the most part. With that said, the shared 19-nation currency trimmed its gains against the Great Britain pound (though it was rather the result of sterling’s strength rather than euro’s weakness) and slid versus the Swiss franc.

Euro Preserves Momentum amid ECB Speculations

The euro continued to trim losses during the current trading session even though German inflation was disappointing. The reason for the currency’s good performance were speculations about the possible change of European Central Bank’s dovish stance.

Euro Attempts to Bounce Despite Disappointing Economic Reports

The euro is trading below the opening level against most of its major rivals currently, but is showing tendency to rebound and was actually able to erase losses versus the US dollar completely. The bounce seems to follow the release of eurozone macroeconomic data, but that in no way looks justified as the indicators were disappointing for the most part.