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Euro EUR


Detailed information and fundamental factors

Central Bank: European Central Bank

Public Debt to GDP Ratio, 2014: 86.8%

Trade Balance, 2015: $0.173 bln.

Inflation, 2015: 0.1%

Supporting Factors

Global reserve currency


Currency of international trade


Main objective of the European Central Bank is price stability

Factors of Weakness

Fiscal troubles of the member-countries



The euro is the currency used by institutions of the European Union and 17 of 27 nations of the Union, which is collectively called the eurozone. The currency is also often used in some other countries, including those that are situated near the borders of the eurozone. The currency was officially adopted in 1995, introduced in financial markets in 1999, while coins and banknotes were released in 2001. It is the second popular reserve currency after the US dollar.

Euro News Archive

EUR/USD Consolidates Gains After Release of ZEW Survey Data

The EUR/USD currency pair consolidated its daily gains around 1.1990 after the release of positive German ZEW survey data. The German ZEW survey surprised to the upside as both economic sentiment and current conditions beat expectations.

Euro Firm During Monday’s Trading, CPI Helps Preserve Momentum

The euro was relatively strong against its major rivals today. The inflation data released during the current trading session, being rather positive, did not give the currency a reason to reverse its trend.

Euro Mixed, Prospects for QE Tapering Stay in Place

The euro was mixed today, rising versus the US dollar and the Japanese yen, but falling against the Great Britain pound and the Swiss franc. The currency continued to receive support from quantitative easing tapering expectations.

Euro Weakens Against US Dollar After Release of US Data and Tax Plan

The euro today was largely weaker against the US dollar and the release of positive US MBA Mortgage applications data mid-European session drove the pair lower. Releases from the European docket including the Eurozone industrial production data and employment data could not boost the single currency.

Euro Gains on Rivals as Traders Anticipate QE Tapering from ECB

The euro rallied today as speculators continued to anticipate quantitative easing tapering from the European Central Bank. While the shared 19-nation currency was unable to beat the very strong Great Britain pound, it gained on other most-traded peers, especially safe haven currencies.

EUR/USD Trades Sideways on North Korean and Eurozone News

The EUR/USD currency pair today rallied higher after North Korea declared that it will continue its self defense measures in retaliation to the USA. The pair recovered from a brief decline that had been triggered by the release of disappointing Markit Eurozone services PMI early in the European session.

EUR/USD Rallies Higher Briefly on Disappointing NFP Report, Tumbles Later

The EUR/USD currency pair today rallied higher briefly after the release of disappointing US non-farm payroll data during the American session, but quickly retraced all its gains. The currency pair’s rapid tumble was triggered by a Bloomberg report indicating that the European Central Bank was advocating for prudent policies in the face of the strong euro.

EUR/USD Sinks to New Lows Despite Positive Eurozone Data

The EUR/USD currency pair today declined to new lows despite the release of positive Eurozone data such as the German unemployment change data. The release of positive US macro data including the positive core personal consumption expenditure data  also contributed to the pair’s decline.

EUR/USD Posts Major Decline on Positive US GDP Data

The EUR/USD currency pair today recorded a major decline after the release of positive US GDP data early in the North American session. The decline, which started early in today’s session, had been halted briefly after the release of positive German CPI data in the mid-European session.

Euro Advances Against US Dollar as German Business Conditions Remain Strong

The euro advanced against the US dollar on Friday in the wake of a fresh reading for business conditions in Germany, which revealed improved expectations over the short term. The shared currency also benefited from German gross domestic product data that was released early morning today and showed numbers that matched estimates.