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Euro EUR


Detailed information and fundamental factors

Central Bank: European Central Bank

Trade Balance, 2015: $15 bln.

Inflation, 2015: 0.1%

Supporting Factors

Global reserve currency


Currency of international trade


Main objective of the European Central Bank is price stability

Factors of Weakness

Fiscal troubles of the member-countries



The euro is the currency used by institutions of the European Union and 17 of 27 nations of the Union, which is collectively called the eurozone. The currency is also often used in some other countries, including those that are situated near the borders of the eurozone. The currency was officially adopted in 1995, introduced in financial markets in 1999, while coins and banknotes were released in 2001. It is the second popular reserve currency after the US dollar.

Euro News Archive

EUR/USD Rallies Higher on Positive Eurozone CPI Data

The EUR/USD currency pair rallied to new highs today after the release of positive CPI data from the Eurozone. The euro gained significantly against the US dollar as the Eurozone inflation figures for the month of April released by Eurostat exceeded expectations.

EUR/USD Dips Drastically as ECB Maintains Interest Rates and QE Program

The EUR/USD currency pair today declined significantly during Mario Draghi‘s speech as the European Central Bank maintained interest rates at the same level. The currency pair dipped as the US dollar strengthened against the single currency due to higher US bond yields.

EUR/USD Retreats from 5-Month High After French Election

The euro retreated from the opening levels today, but that was after opening sharply higher following the French Presidential election over the weekend. In fact, EUR/USD opened at the highest level since November.

Euro Climbs Higher Against Peers on Positive Consumer Confidence Data

The euro rallied higher against its main peers after the release of better-than-expected consumer confidence data by the European Commission. The currency also rallied hogher after the release of the Eurozone construction industry data for February, which beat expectations.

Euro Rallies Higher Against US Dollar Despite Looming French Elections

The euro rallied higher against the US dollar today despite the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming French Presidential elections. The euro’s rally entered the second day as the selling pressure on the US dollar keeps rising due to disappointment with the Trump trade. 

Euro Gains Slightly Against the US Dollar on Weak US CPI Data

The Euro today gained slightly against the US dollar after the release of weak US consumer price index report for the month of March. The Euro was stronger than the greenback during today’s session despite the subdued trading activity as most markets were closed due to the Easter holiday season.

Euro Drops Despite Improving Economic Sentiment

The euro dropped against its major peers (with the exception of the US dollar) today even though the economic sentiment indicators for Germany and the whole eurozone improved.

EUR/USD Starts the Week on a Decline as French Elections Approach

The EUR/USD currency pair began the day trading under intense pressure, which did not change even with the release of the Eurozone Sentix Investor Confidence index. The weekend release of a poll conducted by Kantar Sofres on the French election indicated that the election was now a four-horse race.

EUR/USD Declines to Close the Week Much Lower Despite Poor NFP Data

The EUR/USD currency pair declined significantly as the euro weakened against the US dollar despite lower-than-expected US non-farm payroll report. The positive German trade balance figures did little to boost the weak euro as the currency pair tested new lows for the month and was on track to close below its opening price this week.

EUR/USD Declines on Dovish ECB and the Release of US Jobless Claims Data

The EUR/USD currency pair has been on a major decline during today’s session following dovish comments from Mario Draghi and the positive US jobless claims data. The release of the minutes of the European Central Bank‘s March meeting also indicated that the bank would be maintaining its forward guidance into the future.