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The Chinese yuan is the commonly used name for the currency of the People’s Republic of China. Officially, the modern Chinese currency is called the Renminbi, while the yuan is the primary unit of that currency. The currency is used in China, but not in Hong Kong and Macau. The first renminbi banknotes were introduced in December 1948. The yuan was pegged to the US dollar through the most part of its history, though since 2005 China allowed it to float in a narrow corridor and intends to widen the free-float range over time as a part of the transition from central planning to a free market economy. The usage of the yuan in international trade is limited by severe regulations that forbid the currency to be used in transactions with foreign entities. China showed willingness to ease these regulations as it strives to make the yuan new reserve currency. China made agreements with Russia, Vietnam, and Thailand that allow trade with those countries to be settled directly in renminbi.

Chinese Yuan News Archive

Chinese Yuan Weakens on PBoC Expansion, Poor Data

The Chinese yuan is weakening against its primary currency competitors to start the trading week. Trading patterns appear to reveal that investors are uncertain regarding the yuan’s near-term performance due to weak economic data and expansionary monetary policy. With 100 million people under a renewed lockdown over a potential second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, is the economic restart in jeopardy?

Chinese Yuan Slumps Despite Surprising Gain in Auto Sales

The Chinese yuan is slumping to kick off the trading week, despite a surprise gain in new motor vehicle sales last month. Investors are potentially keeping an eye on internal financing struggles and concerns over a renewed trade war between the two largest economies. Despite the coronavirus pandemic shutting down China, the yuan has only recorded modest losses against the US dollar. If the data improves, could the currency test […]

Chinese Yuan Slips on Reports US Considering Canceling Debt Owed to China

The Chinese yuan is weakening against its major currency competitors midweek on reports that the US administration is considering canceling all or part of the roughly $1.1 trillion debt owed to China. According to local reports, Beijing is now mulling over a plan that would reduce its holdings of Treasurys as part of overall efforts to diversify the nation’s foreign exchange reserves.

Chinese Yuan Slides to One-Month Low on Manufacturing, Trump Trade Threats

The Chinese yuan fell to a one-month low against the US dollar to close out the trading week, driven mostly by sluggish manufacturing and renewed trade threats by the White House. Now that China has hit the reboot button on the economy, could Beijing contend with another trade spat with the US?

Chinese Yuan Flat As PBoC Slashes Benchmark Loan Rate

The Chinese yuan is barely budging against its G10 currency competitors on Monday, despite the central bank showing its willingness to get serious about monetary easing. Investors may be trying to see if China can successfully hit the reboot button after last week’s worse-than-expected gross domestic product (GDP) reading for the first quarter. It is evident that Beijing will employ every fiscal and monetary […]

Chinese Yuan Mixed As Economy Contracts 6.8% in Q1, Retail Sales Crash

The Chinese yuan is mixed against its currency competitors to finish the trading week as investors weigh China’s near-term economic recovery. With the latest bearish numbers suggesting Beijing’s COVID-19 devastation, analysts are hoping that the worst is over and that the nation’s reboot will lead to better results.

Chinese Yuan Flat As Imports, Exports Beat Bearish Estimates

The Chinese yuan is flat on Tuesday after new trade data came in better than what the experts had projected. A couple of economic reports from China are highlighting that the situation is not as grim as what many investors first thought. Is the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic proving to be a case of hope for the best and expect the worst?

Chinese Yuan Weakens As Bank Loans Top $1 Trillion in Q1

The Chinese yuan is weakening against its major currency competitors to kick off the trading week. The yuan is trending downward on foreign exchange markets on new data that shows the central bank pumped $1.01 trillion into the world’s second-largest economy in the first quarter. The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) also generated headlines for raising its stake in the nation’s largest mortgage lender. Is the stimulus peanuts, or will Beijing place […]

Chinese Yuan Weakens As Officials Weigh Additional Fiscal, Monetary Stimulus

The Chinese yuan is weakening midweek as a new report suggests officials are considering additional fiscal and monetary stimulus to rejuvenate the post-coronavirus economy. As the country gradually returns to normal and even ends the lockdown in Wuhan, authorities are discussing a wide range of options. Over fears of a second wave, China could serve as a case study for the rest of the world in what to do after COVID-19.

Chinese Yuan Flat As PBoC Pumps $56 Billion Liquidity for SMEs

The Chinese yuan is trading relatively flat to kick off the holiday-shortened trading week. China continued to employ monetary policy measures to resuscitate the world’s second-largest economy in the coronavirus fallout. One mechanism Beijing is utilizing to spur business activity is bank lending, offering credit to businesses – large and small. Will it be enough for companies to borrow and restart operations?