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The Chilean peso is the currency of Chile. Its modern version replaced the old currency in 1975. The currency is supported by the view on the economy of Chile as one of the most stable in South America. Chile produces about 1/3 of world copper output; therefore prices for copper have great influence on performance of the peso.

Chilean Peso News Archive

Chilean Peso Falls as Inflation Retreats from Record Level

Chile’s inflation fell even as the nation’s currency was weakening, and this led to speculations that the central bank will reduce interest rates. Such talks weakened the Chilean peso even more.

Chilean Peso Drops on Prospects for Interest Rate Cuts

The Chilean peso fell today after the nation’s central bank kept its key interest rate unchanged yesterday, but suggested than an interest rate cuts are possible in the future.

Peso Stronger After Chilean Central Bank Avoids Interest Rate Cut

The Chilean peso advanced today after the nation’s central bank refrained from an interest rate cut on yesterday’s monetary policy meeting as inflation accelerated more than was expected.

Peso Falls After Chilean Central Bank Meeting

The Chilean peso fell against the US dollar and the euro today after Chile’s central bank conducted a policy meeting and decided to leave its key interest rate unchanged.

Chilean Peso Drops on Weak GDP Growth

The Chilean peso fell yesterday as Chile’s economic growth trailed forecasts, reinforcing the view that the central bank will cut interest rates soon.

Chilean Peso Drops vs. Dollar even as Monetary Policy Remains Stable

The Chilean peso weakened today against the US dollar even though the central bank refrained from cutting interest rates yesterday. The currency advanced versus the euro.

Chilean Peso Retreats on Fears of Intervention

The Chilean peso fell as signs of economic slowdown in the South American country fueled speculations that the central bank may ease its monetary policy to stem the currency’s strength.

Chilean Peso Weaker on Intervention Comments

The Chilean peso weakened today on speculations that the central bank may intervene to trim the rally of the currency that reached the highest level since September 2011 this week.

Chilean Inflation Beats Forecast, Making Peso Stronger

The Chilean peso advanced today as consumer inflation accelerated more than analysts have expected. The data spurred speculations that the central bank may raise interest rates to slow growth of consumer prices.

Europe’s Woes Make Chilean Peso Less Attractive

The Chilean pesos declined today as problems of various countries of the European Union left Forex traders unwilling to risk, driving them to currencies that offer higher safety.